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Instead of this coffee machine consider either the A1 with a Pofi frother, or extending the budget to a Jura E6, which offers the best bang for the buck.

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The Jura IMPRESSA C5 demonstrates how simple the enjoyment of a perfect cup of coffee can be. The latest addition to the IMPRESSA compact line sets new standards in coffee quality and

Jura Impressa C5 Coffee Maker

Swiss made excellence for a reasonable price! Produces extraordinary crema with our fine fresh pure Arabica Specialty coffee beans.

The Jura Impress C5 like all other Jura Impressa coffee machines makes a fine espresso, cappuccino and any other coffee variety with push button convenience. Contact us and we will pop around and demo the machine

Entry level coffee machine, gizmo free, and slowly being replaced by the Ena range

Jura Impressa C 5
Awards Features at a Glance
GUT Testsieger - the Jura brewing unit produces a quality cup of coffee every time. With it being secure to the chassis the tamping is more uniform, and the taste is consistent
  • Rotary Switch
  • Easy Cappuccino frother
  • Aroma preservation cover
  • Connector System©
  • I.P.B.A.S.©
  • CLARIS plus filter cartridge
Click & Drink Display Height-adjustable Spout Connector System©
Jura C5 Rotary dial Jura C5 Display Jura C5 Hight-adjustable sprout Jura C5 coffee
The IMPRESSA C5 is the most accessible addition to the IMPRESSA compact line. Allowing good quality coffee at a budget price. The displays are illuminated in red and provide all the information you need. Within easy reach of the Rotary Switch and concealed are the maintenance buttons with their own illuminated displays. The height of the coffee spout can be adjusted to between 65 and 111 mm and fits any size of cup. This prevents splashes on the machine and gives a great crema. The Connector System© permits the use of a special water nozzle for a uniform water jet and a steam nozzle to heat beverages. The Professional Cappuccino frother, available as an accessory, can also be used.
Further Info
C5 Technical Data Read all about it! In PDF form you can read the full technical specifications here C5 Instruction Manual Lost your Jura C5 manual, or want a sneak peak here you go C5 K.B. The Jura based Knowledge builder for the C5 C5 FAQ & Tips Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for the Jura Impressa C5 C5 Accessories Accessorize, or bling your Jura C5

Pricing Details

Please note that COD pricing is specially organized since we pass on discount, instead of offering a credit card purchase. If you pay us on delivery via electronic transfer

Item RecommendedRetail Price Quote? Order?
JURA Impressa C5 (Black) 9,348.00

Jura Impress two cup espresso machine made is swiss made

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