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New e-commerce site

Notice: You are currently using our legacy site, a number of features are available on ou new site that can be found at Quaffee.com. This site also for secure registration and consolidates many of the features on this site and adds new ones.

For your convenience we list the sections below on the new site:
Roasted Coffee Green Coffee coffee gear maintenance stuff
Roasted Coffee Beans Green Coffee Beans Coffee Gear Maintance stuff

You are more than welcome to contnue to place orders using the method below as well.

How to place items in to your cart

1. Select Item Type
2. Tick the check box of the Item(s) you want
3. Confirm Quantity
4. Click Add Item
5. Repeat for additional items Clear Cart to start again
Click delete to remove item
Note: Please note that certain fields are required, and are validated (see "*"). If the fields do not have valid information then they the order cannot be submitted. If you are uncomfortable with ordering online, or need help go to our Contact Us page, and we will assist you, even place an order on your behalf.

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If an item is ticked on the LEFT hand side, it will be added to existing item on the RIGHT. If the item exists on the RIGHT it will increase the qunatity by the amount selected.
Milk Cooler Piccolo12,958.98
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  • VAT is included, unless stated.
  • We typically have stock of items, however should there be a stock problem we will inform you
  • Delivery pricing may depend on local or courier charges. For orders over R1,000.00 we typically waiver delivery to major South African centres. We will inform you if there are additional deliver charges.
  • We only supply within the borders of South Africa.
  • We reserve the right to pass bank charges on to the consumer.
  • Only those clients that are regular may choose "we have an account" as an option.
  • Errors and Omissions Excluded.
  • Please read through our return and other policies online, for further terms and policies
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