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Delivery, Returns and Other Policies


Delivery times depend on the area and when an order is placed. As a rule Quaffee will endeavour at all times to use the method with the lowest carbon foot print available to deliver items. This means that there may be a small delay, but we believe if we all do something, no matter how smaller we can reduce emissions. Please note that we do not deliver outside of South Africa.

Please note that regular clients are added to our tracking system, which will prewarn them that they may be running low using our internal calculations.

That said below is a table of a guideline of delivery areas and anticipated delays. Equipment is anything that is not coffee, like machines, makers, grinders, cleaning materials etc...

We consider the end of a day 16:30. Our delivery schedules for the next day are closed no later than 15:30.

Area Ordered Delivery/Dispatch Day Exceptions
Cape Town:
  All areas besides below
Thurs 8am - Fri 1pm Monday
  • If an order has non coffee items which are not in stock, then the day the stock arrives is the ordered day, and so the delivery day is allocated as per normal.
  • If deliveries for a sooner day have fewer than 5 deliveries we will attempt to deliver sooner.
  • For Stellenbosch/Somerset West if there are no deliveries on the allocated we will courier the items.
Fri 1pm - Tue 12pm Wednesday
Tue 12pm - Wed 5pm Thursday
Cape Town:
  Tokai to Noordehoek
Wed 12pm - Mon 12pm Tuesday
Mon 12pm - Wed 12pm Thursday
Cape Town:
  Century City to Paarl
Thur 12pm - Mon 12pm Tuesday
Mon 12pm - Thur 12pm Friday
Stellenbosch / Somerset West. Wed 12pm - Fri 1pm Monday (if not busy)
Fri 1pm - Wed 12 pm Thursday (if not busy)
  (Western Cape)
Workday before 12pm Same workday*
  • If courier has not come yet and there is stock.
  • If an order has non coffee items which are not in stock, then the day the stock arrives is the ordered day, and so the delivery day is allocated as per normal.
Workday after 12pm Next workday*
  (Rest South Africa)
Before 12pm Same workday except Thurs when it is dispatched Fri
After 12pm Next workday except Wed when it is dispatched Fri
Postage# Any workday Next workday Note: only on request and for PO Boxes


* Courier delviery is typically 2 working days after dispatch for major centres, exculding Durban, which is typically 3 working days.
# Postage delivery is subject to the postal services of South Africa.
We have only basic insurnace of the parcels that are dispatched.

Delivery Costs

Delivery fees are charge at a cost recovery point.

Delivery Cost is waivered for:
  • Cape Town orders of 1 kilogram or more, otherwise delivery cost is R20;
  • a major South African centre orders of 3 kgs or more, otherwise delivery cost is R55;
  • other South African centres orders over R1,000.00, otherwise its R150 for regional areas.

Delivery & Collection Terms

The following conditions apply to our deliveries and collections. This applies to all goods deliveried and collected, including but not exclusive to, coffee, repair and serive items, coffee machines, coffee equipment.

  1. "Customer" shall mean any person whose request or on whose behalf the Company undertakes or provides any business or service.
  2. "Quaffee" shall mean the company Quaffee (Pty) Ltd Registration: 2006/025871/07.
  3. While Quaffee endeavour to ensure all goods are delivered to the Customer in a state they were provided to us, we are not responsible for any damage to such goods.
  4. Any expense that the Company has to cover due to the failure by the Customer to reimburse the Company for expenses the Company has had to endure in any way on behalf of the Customer, is for the Customer's account.
  5. As noted below, we do not insure any goods in transit, so responsibility for insurance of any goods is not included, and hence any loss whatsoever Quaffee is not accountable for.
  6. The Customer is liable for all losses, damages and expenses arising as a result of its failure to comply with its obligations or as a result of its negligence.
  7. At no point will the Company be responsible for any goods that are used to manipulate milk in anyway.
  8. Transfer of ownership of all goods occurs only once payment has been received and acknowledged by the Company.
  9. While we list the times above as a guideline we cannot guarantee that these timelines will always be adhered too.
  10. When we use outside providers to fulfil a service (for examples: couriers, workshops or financial institutions) Quaffee may not be held responsible for any losses, damages or expenses incurred on the customer's equipment by the said provider.
  11. Any dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
  12. We are not responsible for any third parties warantees.

Notes on Repairs

Please note that Quaffee DOES NOT run a coffee machine repair workshop. As a service to our current coffee purchasing clients we will take the coffee machine to the workshop, give a swop out machine to the client, if available, and charge what we are charged by the workshop plus a small admin fee.

For clients that are not currently using our coffee, or have not used our coffee consistently over the last 3 months, we may at our discretion offer a swop out machine, at a fee, and provide a collection and delivery fee.

Any warantee on the repairs is carried by the workshop not by Quaffee.


We do not insure any items that are sent via courier. If you require this please contact us, and we will request a formal quote from our courier company, and forward that to you.

We do not insure the coffee at all.

Exchange / Returns


Check list coffee

Coffee: As far as coffee is concerned, we guaranty to replace your coffee free of charge if you are unhappy with anything, or it is not to your liking. If after replacement or change to an alternative you are still unhappy we will refund your money, as long as you can prove you have not drunk it all.

Equipment: Any equipment that you install yourself (we like to install and setup the Jura machines, that you find to be faulty after you Contact Us, and we have not been able to assist, we will replace these goods. The goods need to be returned in the original packaging and condition as they where when you received them.

How To Return an Item

Items must be returned in their original packaging, in the original condition and with all booklets, guarantees and product tags if they are attached, within 7 days of delivery. When returning any item please include a covering note, so we can process your return more efficiently. The note should state why it is being returned and whether you want an exchange or a refund. In this note you should also include your order or invoice number, or a copy of the original invoice, so that we can track your order on the system. If an item is returned without a covering note then, if we are able to trace your order on the system, we shall contact you by phone or email to ascertain the reason for return.

Please also notice the section below on fees, with regards to returns.

Other noteworthy policies

Freshness rules: We will not sell any coffee older than 8days from roast.

Working hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 16:30.

Go Green: Wheresoever possible we explore a greener method to do whatever we do. If we have a choice between a greener alternative, we will select that alternative. The only exception is if the cost to do so is prohibitive, and goes against any other policy we have, like for example freshness.

Local is Lekker: Wherever we can we will use local companies for work and materials required.

Stock levels: We normally have most stuff on the website in Stock, in Cape Town, and most of it in Johannesburg.


Credit Card fees

Under the new consumer protection act, April 2011, there is mention to the fact that consumers should not be expected to pay for banking and credit card charges. Quaffee has always listed the price differences online, so that you the consumer can make the choice of paying via credit card or not.

We will continue to list these as different charges since we believe those consumers that are prepared to pay in real value, rather than on credit should be recognized and hence pay our standard pricing. The only way we would ever remove these credit card charges is if we increase our prices across the board to facilitate the excessive fees we are handing over to a payment provider or bank. We have not and will never restrict payment to be made only via credit card, and therefore the consumer is given a choice.

If you as a consumer are not content with these conditions, or paying extra, then we are happy to engage directly with you and discuss this further.

Admin fees

If an order is placed and then canceled, we will refund the moneys paid minus any banking or payment provider fees. If you are unsure about a purchase we offer you a facility where you can request from us a demo of a product, before placing an order. With this in mind we believe that it is reasonable to list this condition. We will always show you the consumer the actual fee paid to the payment provider.

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