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Colour Table

To help us get our colour combinations right with the style sheets and HTML that we use we threw together this colour pad manipulator. If you use it please hyperlink back to our site to say thinks.

Brown - ColorCombo178: E9DCB9 BB772E 817D62
Brown - ColorCombo169: F7E7BD CEC7C6 B59A73 94927B
Brown - ColorCombo185: BAA378 C0A172 BAA378 382E1C 453823 2C2416
Greens - ColorCombo174: 595F23 829F53 A2B964
Green and Brown - ColorCombo141: 4D8963 69A583 E1B378 E0CC97
Green and Brown - ColorCombo261: 9CC089 D8F3C9 FDE8D7 FFFFFF
Brown - ForUs - 1: BAA378 BCA67A CC966A C9A271 CBA674 BB9664 E1C090 B4742F C4641F
Brown - Test - 2: A99900 AC9933 AF9966 E9DCB9 EBDEBB DBCEAB E4C393 B0702F C0601F
Brown - Test - 3: 906020 966020 966620 966626 996626 996926 996929 9F6626 9F6F26 9F6F2F
Brown - Test - beans: #BB9066 #C7986E #87481F #C39655 #984D13 #52240C #622D0E #4C1C05 #BB8E4D #974F14

Select the colour combination you want and the background colour will change in the middle of the table. Select the text colour if you want that to change too.
Colour Type: Red Green Blue
Background: RGB
Text: RGB
Test Colour Table

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