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We have been using twitter (Follow @QuaffeeSA) to do our latest news, so there are direct from twitter, the last 20 tweets:

Archived News, for reference

We now are blogging and tweating so check those out for the latest news.

Blog now also on our website

We have now posted our blog in a frame, in the website, you can subscribe to our blog updates using this frame.

Date 26 April 2011 Tags Quaffee blog Post by Warren

Update of service offering Page

We have removed the online pricing table from the service offering page, since we have found that clients have specific needs So now each service plan is taylor made to the individual client.

Date 11 April 2011 Tags Service offering Post by Warren

La Piramide finished

One of our top coffees is now finished. We are in the process of procuring some more, but anticipate a 6 month delay. As soon as it is on the sea we will update all.

Date 20 March 2011 Tags Coffee Post by Warren

Short URLs added

Quaffee have added some cool links that give you quick access to their site:

When you enter in You will be taken too
shop.quaffee.co.za The order portion of the site comes up
order.quaffee.co.za The order portion of the site
coffee.quaffee.co.za You go to the list of coffees that we have
equip.quaffee.co.za This is the list of all the other products we sell, the Aeropress, Petra Frother, Krups grinder etc
jura.quaffee.co.za This is the list of Jura machines that we sell
quote.quaffee.co.za This is if you want a quote (the order site set for orders)
event.quaffee.co.za This is if you want to get information or quote on events
service.quaffee.co.za This is if you want to read all about the service contract

These should make it more logical to get where you want to go on the site easier.

Date 10 Feb 2011 Tags Online ordering, Event rental, Coffee beans, Jura Coffee Machines, Other Coffee Equipment Post by Warren

Quaffee now a trusted shop

trusted store

Knowing you can be trusted and being told you can be trusted are two things that are similar but different. As from today we are now a trusted store with jump. Jump is South African content driven price search engine, and we have been offering great value to jump users for over a year. Today we were notified that we are now a trusted Jump store.

Date 2 Feb 2011 Tags Online ordering store Post by Warren

Jura Ena range at the roastery

We have placed demos of the Jura Ena 3 and Ena 9 at the roastery, foryou to play with pop in take a look before XMas

Date 16 Dec 2010 Tags Jura range, Ena 3, Ena 9 OT Post by Warren

Jura Ena range update


Jura have made available to South Africa two new Jura Ena models. The Ena 7 and the Ena 9 OT (One Touch). They are essentially improved machines on the Ena 5. The Ena 7 is available in Red and Black, the Ena 9 is the best value for money One Touch in the Jura range.

Both the Ena 7 and 9 have now got programmable buttons, rather than the single dial option. This makes them much easier to use. We suspect that the 5 will be discontinued eventually, since the 7 is the same price as the 5. Also the 5 has lost two of the most popular colours namely Coffee Cherry Red and Ristretto Black.

The Ena 9, takes a break form the traditional Easy connect system, and uses an internal frothing system (it can be removed for cleaning, although Jura recommend the cappu-cleaner). This means you can do Latte and Cappuccino.

Date 24 Nov 2010 Tags Jura range, Ena 7, Ena 9 OT Post by Warren

Krups range change

We have had little demand for the Krups filter machine, and it has not been discontinued. The good news is that the Krups grinder, which we have been selling for almost 3 years now is cheaper :). For Just R500.00 inclusive no more is grinding coffee a luxury.

Core to our principle and belief is that you must have your coffee freshly ground, and that is why we found a good budget burr grinder, and have promoted it over the years. It offers better that acceptable consistency, and is a good buy.

If you enjoy coffee and are not grinding it fresh, then this is the least you can do to improve your day-to-day enjoyment of the worlds most drunk brew.

Date 11 Nov 2010 Tags Krups Grinder Post by Warren

Delivery & Returns Policy

We have summarized and added to our delivery and return policy, and added them to a new independent page, so you can have access to it at a click of a mouse.

Date 29 Oct 2010 Tags Deliveries and Return Policy Post by Warren

Product Pricing

I have added the ability for you to order or get a quote on each product back (not coffee yet). What appears beneath each product description is a price list, and two buttons, one that says order the other that says Quote. Click either and you are taken to the Quote / Order page so you can fill in your details and get a quote / order.

Date 23 Oct 2010 Tags Jura, Coffee Equipment Post by Warren

Coffee Numbers from ICO

The latest statistics from the ICO have been released, and they make interesting reading. There has been an increase in the August crop over last years August crop of 3.8%. However for year on year the total amount of coffee harvested has decrease by 4.4%.

The good news is that in comparison to Robusta :(, Arabica production has not decreased as much, in percentage, with Arabica now representing 66.89% of the world production. This may mean that the coffee companies that are fashion brands rather than fine coffee purveyors who depend heavily on Robusta to make their super profits may be affected.

Date 5 Oct 2010 Tags coffee, Arabica VS Robusta Post by Warren

Yirgacheffe and Yigda

Yirgacheffe has always held a special place in our hearts. It is quite amazing that a coffee that comes from the region of Sidama, can be so different from it nearest neighbour. And the good news is after a few months of us not having any green bean we finally do. So we can enjoy that unique tart taste again in a cup of coffee.

Yigda was an aromatic addition to our line up, but was never hugely popular, so due to this lack of demand we no longer have it available.

Date 17 Sept 2010 Tags Yirgacheffe, Yigda Post by Warren

Limu Organic

Limu is the region of Ethiopia that coffee was first picked and enjoyed (well actually it was probably lying on the floor of the forest and enjoyed, but no one know for sure). And now we have an organic version of it. Ethiopia is showing Africa the way when it comes to coffee, being one of the few countries in Africa where coffee trade has not been over controlled by the government, and free market forces contribute to its growth. This is why it is great to see that even the oldest growing region of the world is responding to the market demand for organic produce.

Date 14 Sept 2010 Tags Organic Limu Post by Warren

Petra electric

We have been looking for an affordable stand alone milk frother for a while. Most of the automatic frothers produce a more peaky based froth than a micro foam based, so for those keen on latte art it will take a little more work. We have foudn the petra milk frother to be good, and hence have added it to our product range. Add milk press the button and 70 seconds later you have milk froth.

Date 25 Aug 2010 Tags Petra milk frother Post by Warren

Mysore back

We have not had Mysore for a almost 2 yers, and I felt that before adding it to our list of selected coffees I would prefer to do a proper tasting, not only as a cupping but also in a real bean-to-cup so it can be a real life tasting. The coffee is good, not excellent and here are my notes: Earthy on the nose converting to subtle maple syrup in the mouth and a hint of dark chocolate after taste. Quite a complex coffee from mountainous province of Mysore in India

Date 24 Aug 2010 Tags Mysore, India specailty grade coffee Post by Warren

Antigua and more

We finally have a crop of Antigua that we again like. Having not had the coffee for almost 14 months, I was scratching my head to remember what it tasted like. I do remember it being a little more bright, and not as bodied, so i a way the new Antigua is different and better. It has unfortunately shot up in price, so it may only be attractive to connoisseurs. I will be tasting the new Mysore (after almost 2 years we have it back) and a coffee from Tanzania, in the next few days. We have rejected the latest offering from Kenya though, to indistinct and not worth the money.

Date 20 Aug 2010 Tags Antigua Post by Warren

New coffees

We have 1 new coffee, and two old classics coming back into stock. Koutaba monastery coffee from Cameroon, if a very enjoyable coffee, we have a good supply at the moment, and it may make our short list depending on our customer feedback. And at long last after over a year Antigua is arriving soon. And the earthy classic Mysore is also anticipated.

Date 6 Aug 2010 Tags Koutaba Post by Warren

Menu changes

The menu has changed slightly to allow a more general access using Machines instead of Jura and Solutions instead of Rentals, so that we can fit more under these sub menus.

Date 6 Aug 2010 Tags Jura, solutions, machines Post by Warren

Online price change

We have been instructed by Jura, that we are not allowed to offer a 5% discount online any more, as we only recommend the Jura super automatics, we had no choice but to remove the discount off our order system. We do however still offer on site demos, and we can always talk about a long term relationship between Quaffee and your company, and how we can ensure that it is mutually beneficial.

Date 28 July 2010 Tags Jura, prices page Post by Warren

New coffees and Jura update

The Jura J-5 and F70 are now only available on special order. The J-5 now has a companion J-7 which is a one toch (OT).

After a second tasting we have added Maragogype is grown in the Matagalpa province of Nicaragua, as it is a good aromatic coffee, even if it is a bit mild. This may have been driven by the short fall we are experiencing with Limu and Yirgacheffe stock, which we are no sure when we will have in sufficient quantity.

Date 15 July 2010 Tags Jura, Maragogype Post by Warren

Term and product changes

Change the filter products to allow selection of the old (white) or new (blue) filters, for the Jura Impressa and Ena range.

Some terms changes added around delivery to cater for the charges we have had to incur with the courier service providers. Also added a pondering note for when loading pages from the database...

Date 17 June 2010 Tags prices page Post by Warren

Bulk minor changes

Have made a couple of changes, listed below:

  • For online orders payments changed to only accept credit cards online, the other payment types, we will invoice the client before or on delivery.
  • Minor correction on the home page, removed the Story of frog Quaffer, added service offering.
  • Some product changes, including notification of discontinuation of the Jura J5, to be replaced by the OTC J7.
  • Update to coffee health facts page thanks to link sent by David Banks.
  • Some spelling and grammar changes on pages that we found problems with. These always slip through tut, tut the culprit will be drawn a quartered

Navigation changes

Change the master page and the home page to have a quick jump selection for easier navigation.

Date 10 June 2010 Tags home page Post by Warren

Bulk minor changes

Have made a couple of changes, listed below:

  • For online orders payments changed to only accept credit cards online, the other payment types, we will invoice the client before or on delivery.
  • Minor correction on the home page, removed the Story of frog Quaffer, added service offering.
  • Some product changes, including notification of discontinuation of the Jura J5, to be replaced by the OTC J7.
  • Update to coffee health facts page thanks to link sent by David Banks.
  • Some spelling and grammar changes on pages that we found problems with. These always slip through tut, tut the culprit will be drawn a quartered
Date 05 June 2010 Tags online orders, home page, Story of frog Quaffer, Jura J5, coffee health facts Post by Warren

Minor changes and direct quote

Due to the poplularity of our quotes and order page we have added the following instant quote links:

Date 11  May 2010 Tags Quotes Post by Warren

Changes to Coffee Equipment page

Krups filter machine

We have added a few more products, especially the Krups filter machine on to our Extra Coffee Equipment page. And we are now offering a combination product where you can buy the Krups grinder and filter machine for those smaller offices, or homes.

Krups does not always have local stock, but we will try and keep in stock in Cape Town at least.

Also added prices and order form to the Jura Impressa Z7, this allows the clients to view the current price and then order directly

Date 4 May 2010 Tags Krups, Jura Z7 Post by Warren

Minor changes

Some minor changes to the home page, the orders page and the Coffee Equipment page added including a link to the Krups range of product that is available in South Africa.

With costing at a shave over R250.00 per month, now is an excellent time to consider Quaffee for your office.

Date 30 April 2010 Tags Coffee Equipment Post by Warren

New blends

We are fussy about what coffee we provide to our coffee loving client. All our coffee has typically been specialty grade coffee. We have however been regularly asked if we can provide some blends.

So try our blends they are normally quite balanced, but all have their own unique taste

Date 13 April 2010 Tags Jura Coffee Machine, Long Term Rentals Post by Warren

1 millionth cup tracked

We have now tracked over a million cups drunk of our Specialty Coffee. This is a land mark we are happy to have hit, now we look forward to the next million.

We place the number of cups tracked on out home page, check it out.

Date 30 March 2010 Tags Quaffee Home Page, Specialty Coffee Post by Warren

Price update

So we secured 3 of the top ten specialty coffees in the world and we are proud of it, but with success comes demand, and with demand price increases are a side affect. We have had no significant increase for a year, and now we have three big increases in Yirgacheffe, Harrar and Atractiva.

Our online Price List reflects these new prices.

Date 5 March 2010 Tags Price List, Specialty Coffee Post by Warren

New Jura Pages

Jura have re-launched the F50, and have launched an update Z5 and called it the Z7, these pages have been created and updated

We have also made some minor changes to the Jura page to reflect the new changes

Date 24 Feb 2010 Tags Jura F50, Jura Z7, Jura Range Post by Warren

Prices dropped and minor changes

We were happy to find out that we have been able to secure a better price for the Krups Burr Grinders. If you are paying via electronic transfer it is less the R530.00 for a good quality burr grinder.

We have also made some minor changes on the payment and order notifications, to ensure we are kept in the loop

Date 11 Feb 2010 Tags burr grinders, online quote, order and payment Post by Warren

Model Recommendations Changed

With the Ena3 becoming more available to us in South Africa, we have decided to mark it as the best buy. This decisions was driven by the fact that the coffee machineoffers Jura quality at a great price. And it is essentially the same maker as the Ena5

Add a Profi Frother to the Ena3 and you can make most coffee specialities

Date 4 Feb 2010 Tags Ena3, Ena5, Budget coffe machine Post by Warren

Rental Pricing updated

We have changed the rental page, to allow you to view rental pricing for the machine that you may be interested in renting. Also on the rental page we have added downloadable versions of the application form and a sample legal agreement for you to check out before commiting. We also added a page about servicing and maintenance to the services section.

Date 2 Feb 2010 Tags coffee machine rental, rental agreement, corporate rentals Post by Warren

Mandheling back in stock

After we rejected the last shipment the new shipment has arrived and it is back to specialty grade standard so this popular coffee is back, and the new crop makes the grade. Nice surprise for the new year to have the coffee that has become famous for the abuse of the luwak, but Mandheling is a wet processed coffee and now kopi luwak to be found only good green bean from from animal abuse

Date 7 Jan 2010 Tags specialty coffee, mandheling from Sumatra, coffee beans Post by Warren

New Year here

Well the new working year has started and we look forward to a great year. Last year our growth meant that the number kilograms of specialty coffee we sell has increased 40%, in a slow year for most economies that is great news, espcially since have not come off a low base any more.

With our clients help this year and the recovering economy we are looking forward to a great year, thanks to all our patrons and welcome to the new ones

Date 4 Jan 2010 Tags specialty coffee, new year, growth Post by Warren

Order Buttons added

For a web viewers convenience we have added buttons next to all the Jura's so that they can now order any Jura from the detail information page on that machine, a small change but it should help

Date 3 Dec 2009 Tags order online, order button Post by Warren

Harrar Back in Stock

We have got a fresh green bean stock of Harrar. This coffee is very distinct and is loved by many of our clients, so we are happy to have it back in stock

Date 30 Nov 2009 Tags Harrar, dry processed specialty coffee Post by Warren

New look website launched

Our new look website has been launched...

We would love feedback if you have any, why not Contact Us and tell us what you think, most of the body is the same, but we have made it more appleaing to the eye

Date 24 Nov 2009 Tags new website look, freeback, coffee cup Post by Warren

Payments can be made online

Pay Fast

Quaffee is exciteded to announce that from today we accept online payments through PayFast.

Through Pay Fast you can pay via gift vouchers, direct transfer and credit card immediately, for credit card payments the pricing is standard but all other forms of payment are processed with no fee to the client

Date 20 Nov 2009 Tags online payment, credit card, instant payment, eft, cash Post by Warren

Aeropress™ back in stock

Due to popular demand we have the Aeropress™ back in stock. You can order online today.

The most cost effective brewer, that need a little muscle power, this air pressure based brewer is a great way to make coffee. We use it when we go on holiday, when we cannot take a Jura Coffee Machine with us.

We have a limited stock, but will try and keep order in time should we run out

Date 30 October 2009 Tags Aeropress, coffee maker, air pressure brewer Post by Warren

Harrar out of stock, and new coffee list

We have now published our coffee list so that it reflects the availability of the coffees. The nature of specialty coffee means we are dependent on the crop and the yield, so this page will dynamically reflect our current availability. If something is marked SOLD OUT then it means we have no stock, but as soon as we get the latest crop, and it makes specialty grade, then we will have it back in stock. If a coffee is removed totally then either the crop is bad, or we have lost access to the coffee.

On this note we have now completed our allocation of Harrar, we have ordered but have no indication on when it will be avaiable again.

Date 16 October 2009 Tags Specialty coffee, availability, Harrar, coffee update Post by Warren

SCAA winner here

Los Naranjos is here. The winner of the coveted SCAA world's best specialty coffee is ready to be enjoyed by South Africans. The coffee is medium bodied and very enjoyable, especially in espresso form. We also have new stock of Organica (we called it Asorganic last year) and the new La Piramide is here too. The La Piramide is now not as umami dominent and we like it as espresso too, rather than last years crop which almost required milk. Los Naranjos is available in limited quantities.

Date 11 Sept 2009 Tags Specialty coffee, world's best, Los Naranjos, La Piramide, Organica Post by Warren

Homemakers Show 3rd - 5th September

Quaffee was in full force at the Homemakers. We had a great range of Jura Coffee Machines to suit home and office needs. Quaffee was able to launch our new coffee Machine Rental for businesses. From R228.87 exclusive per mouth, with 15% escalation, you get the wonderful Jura Impresssa F50. This machine just keeps on making coffee.

I was totally amazed at the number of people who came up to us and raved about their Jura machines. They just keep on making not only great coffee but just don't break. We at quaffee no this, but to hear from others is the true test that Jura is the leading coffee machine in the world.

The Quaffee coffee beans where also a great hit and a sell out. It just goes to show that freshly roasted specialty grade coffee is the only way coffee should be sold and drunk.

Date 10 Sept 2009 Tags Homemakers EXPO, Jura, Rental, business, Specialty coffee Post by Acushla

New website up

Our new website is up. With online quotes, orders and event rental estimates the new site is a step in the direction of being more and more online. The web site also utilizes distinct colour schemes and master page facilities, and has the new Frog Quaffer images to make it easier on the eye. The web site uses a horizontal menu so that the details of each page can use the full extent of your computers screen.

Date 2 Sept 2009 Tags Quaffee web site, online order, online quote, update Post by Warren

New Coffees

We have two new coffees Palma from Nicaragua and Yigde Highlands from Papua New Guinea. The Yigde is definately better as an espresso, as the flavours are delicate and gentle. The Palma has more body, and people liking the older traditional roasts will prefer this one

Date 29 August 2009 Tags specialty coffee, Palma, Nicaragua, Yigde, Papua New Ginea, espresso Post by Warren
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