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Jura ENA 7

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Jura have added the Ena 7 to the Ena range. Essentially an update on the original Ena 5, the ENA 7 is operated using clearly assigned preparation buttons. The multicolour plain text display with its traffic light function indicates that the machine is ready for use (green), programming mode (yellow) and a prompt for the user to take action (red).

Besides the additional programmable buttons, that make it more logical to use there is also the Aroma Boost function delivers an extra kick of coffee to energise whenever you need it.

Jura Ena 7
Features at a Glance
  • Available in Coffee Cherry Red and Ristretto Black.
  • Small foot print, only 23.8cm wide.
  • ESM© (Energy Save Mode)
  • Zero energy switch.
  • 110g Bean hopper
  • 1.1 litre tank.
  • 10 doses before grinds need to be emptied, best in class.
  • Aroma boost button.
  • Easy Cappuccino frother©.
  • Multicolour plain text display.
Aroma Boost Eco-intelligence Programmable Buttons Perfect Crema
Aroma boost button Zero Energy Switch programmable buttons Perfect crema
The Aroma Boost function freshly grinds the maximum possible amount of powder at the touch of a button and extracts it in the variable brewing unit under optimum conditions to make an extra-strong espresso or lungo. The patented Zero-Energy Switch disconnects the machine completely from the mains supply. This means that the Ena does not consume any energy in standby mode. The Ena 7 buttons are clearly arranged and labelled. This makes preparing a wide range of speciality coffees extremely simple. To guarantee that an optimum crema is formed every time, the coffee spout can be set to prepare either one or two cups simply by turning it.
Further Info
 Ena7 Technical Data  Read all about it! In PDF form you can read the full technical spec here  Ena7 Instruction Manual Lost your Jura Ena7 manual, or want a sneak peak here you go. Ena 7 FAQ Tips and Frequently Asked Questions for the Ena7. Ena7 Maintenance & Accessories Looking for Maintenance and accessories for your Ena 7, look here. Ena7 Images Jura have put together an image gallery for the Ena7, take a look at it.

Jura Impressa Ena Pricing

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch14,695.0014,695.00
Jura Ena two cup espresso machine made is swiss made

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