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19 December 2017

Fine Pure Arabica coffee beans

We promise to use the finest 100% Arabica coffees, and try to source them as direct as possible.

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Current list of Coffees

Arabica beans are recognized as the coffee bean with the most taste. Like all fruits a type of fruit is only one way to categorize it. Arabica coffee trees have different varietals, in fact there are well over 140 of them. In coffee quality Arabica starts with a coffee that is shade and highland grown, then as a rule need to be handpicked, so that only the ripest coffee cherries are selected.

As a guide we have also grouped our coffees into three mouth feel, or what the body of the coffee is like:

  1. Easy Drinking – a coffee you can drink all day.
  2. Medium and Balanced – a coffee that has a little more body and can tolerate a little milk
  3. Dark and Bodied – a fuller bodied coffee that plays well with milk and sugar for those that like that.
  4. Limited Edition – A coffee that is available in a very limited amount so body is not as important as complexity.
  5. Other - All coffees that do not fit inm to the above category for some reason

We also examine the flavour complexity of a coffee, concentrating on the aromatics. The more complex the higher the stars. We will never offer anything as a single origin that scores less than 3 stars (out of 5) in complexity. A rough guide though has been that the smaller the sample base of the coffee the more complex it is.

2.Medium and BalancedAcc Price RRPOrder
Armonizar Blend/images/flags/SouthAfricaFlagS.jpgA blend of good budget coffees. The word Armonizar means group or harmonize in Spanish. For us this is a blend of primarily South American coffees, with a gentle persuasion of an African too. It is our corporate blend on a budget. As a blend it as a 3 star in flavour complexity.238.00260.00Order
Bunna Blend/images/flags/EthiopiaFlagS.jpgThe blend is made up of all pure 4 star quality shade grown Arabica from African coffees. The coffee is balanced and gentle on the taste buds, with good complexity and is quite morish, and medium bodied. This is a 4 star flavour complexity blend.356.00392.16Order
Erapuca, Honduras/images/flags/HondurasFlagS.jpgFinca Altos de Erapuca, Copan, Honduras an Organic and Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) pure Catuai Arabica. Crop November 2015 to February 2016. Grown 1,360 masl. A sweet medium bodied coffee that has butter and carmel notes with subtle orange brightness.380.00420.00SOLD OUT
Juan Pablo, Guatemala /images/flags/GuatemalaFlagS.jpgJuan Pablo Guerra, Guatemala from Finca Santa Teresita from Chiquimula. A washed coffee that is honey sweetness, fruit and coca notes.380.00420.00SOLD OUT
Karugiro PB, Kenya/images/flags/KenyaFlagS.jpgKenyan Karugiro Peaberry Arabica SL28 from Murang. 2016/17 crop.378.00420.00Order
Limu Konjo, Ethiopia/images/flags/EthiopiaFlagS.jpgA balanced coffee with medium body that has sweet floral and fruit notes. From East Welega zone, Oromia Ethiopia356.40396.00Order
Los Idolos, Colombia/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgInitially a basmati then a vanilla butter is detected before caramel come through. On drinking has subtle basmati after taste. This is a coffee from a small number of private estates, and has is at least a 4 star complexity coffee. We receive this coffee 3 times a year, so it is always latest crop.  Popular 380.00418.38Order
Los Naranjos, Huila, Colombia/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgA citrus an complex coffee. This is a selection of small estates coffee, and has a flavour complexity of at least 4 stars. We receive this coffee 3 times a year, so it is always latest crop.  Popular 380.00418.38Order
Micosta, Burundi/images/flags/BurundiFlagS.jpg A sweet and juicy washed pure Arabica bourbon and jackson coffee from Northwest Burundi.342.00380.00Order
Montecristo, El Salvador/images/flags/ElSalvadorFlagS.jpgFrom Caravela's Montecristo in Chalatenango. Initially Peach and then nutty coffee with a medium body.360.00396.15SOLD OUT
Quebradon, Palestina, Colombia/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgBeautifully complex coffee from Caravela. Butterscotch, brown spice and a hint of red apple.380.00418.38SOLD OUT
Relationship Blend/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgA blend of coffee sourced directly from the growers in two different Colombian provinces, and a Mayan reserve in Colombia. The characteristic roasted almonds from Colombia are gently softened by the organic Colombian. At least 4 star in flavour complexity.  Popular 374.00411.54Order
Wildly Organic/images/flags/Range4FlagOrganixSmall.jpgA full bodied blend of Organic and wild grown pure Arabica coffees. Vanillas and mochas are dominant flavours. We call this an organic coffee, and it achieves 4 stars in flavour complexity - medium body.374.00411.54Order
Yirgacheffe (Kochere), Ethiopia/images/flags/EthiopiaFlagS.jpgA Yirgcheffee that does the legend justice! This coffee is a Grade 1 from Kochere micro region sourcing from growers 1800-2000masl. There is fruit and sweetness with a little lime. Crop 2016.  Popular 378.00411.54Order
3.Dark and BodiedAcc Price RRPOrder
Asorganic, Colombia/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgThis coffee is from a collective from Cauca in Colombia that grow and produce coffee under the organic certification banner. It is a rich earthy coffee with citric and coca notes. We receive this coffee 3 times a year, so it is always latest crop.410.40456.00Order
Kahungo Peaberry, Kenya/images/flags/KenyaFlagS.jpgKahungo Peaberry from the Nyambene Hills on the eastern slope of Mt Kenya. A rich buttery coffee with fruit and brown sugar 2016 crop356.00392.16SOLD OUT
La Piramide, Cauca, Colombia/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgA relationship coffee that is described as intensely sweet and soft coffee with a moderate to full body. A coffee with 4 star flavour complexity, even with the body it has. We receive this coffee 3 times a year so it is always the latest crop.380.00418.38Order
Londrino, Brazil/images/flags/BrazilFlagS.jpgNatural process Yellow Arabica Acaia Coffee, from Londrino. A complex coffee with a dried fruit, nutty and with coca notes. This coffee is UTZ (organic) and RFA certified. 2016 Crop.380.00418.38Order
Muninya (RH), Burundi/images/flags/BurundiFlagS.jpgMuninya, Burundi (red honey): A red honey processed coffee from LMP Bukeye station. Good complexity with fruit flavours and coca aftertaste. (2016/2017 crop)380.00420.00SOLD OUT
Sidama G2, Ethiopia/images/flags/EthiopiaFlagS.jpgAlso known as Sidamo. An earthy and medium-bodied coffee for all day drinking from the southern Ethiopian highlands. This is a co-operative coffee. This coffee has 3 star flavour complexity. Crop date varies.278.00306.90Order
4.Limited EditionAcc Price RRPOrder
Burundi, Heza LMP CoE (Roast each Tue)/images/flags/BurundiFlagS.jpg2015 COE Burundi - Winning Farm Heza (CCC) - Zéphirin Bucumi - Long Miles Coffee Project. Apricot and bright raspberry syrup with notes of apple cider; creamy and jam-like body lingering orange rind and lime finish.476.00523.83SOLD OUT
Jaime Casallas, microlot/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgA clean and fruity microlot coffee from small scale producer Jaime Casallas. This microlot is a limited selection from his farm Finca El Prado which is in Huila, Columbia. PLEASE NOTE: We only roast this coffee when there is minimum quantity sold, so there may be a delay from order to delivery.460.00500.00Order
Kemgin, 90+, Ethiopia (Roast each Tue) /images/flags/EthiopiaFlagS.jpgA remarkable washed coffee form the Yirgacheffe region. Dominant stone fruit and super complexity.640.00704.52Order
La Mingas, Colombia, microlot/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgMicrolot coffee from Cuaca, Colombia. Distinctive sweetness and nut, this is a 5 star complexity coffee.423.00470.00SOLD OUT
DecafAcc Price RRPOrder
Decaf, La Serrania, Colombia/images/flags/ColombiaFlagS.jpgLa Serrania Decaf from Huila Province in Colombia. From the same area that Los Idolos comes from, this is a quality shade grown decaf, that is decaffeinated at source using sugar cane by product. this coffee has great fruit and is medium bodied, a 4 star complexity coffee.   Popular 380.00418.38Order
Half Decaf/images/flags/SouthAfricaFlagS.jpgHalf La Serrania decaf / half Limu, to give you a more flavourful coffee with half the caffeine. A blend of 3 star complexity and a 4 star makes it a 3.5 star flavour complexity coffee.374.00411.54Order
old-style-darkAcc Price RRPOrder
Old school dark roast/images/flags/SouthAfricaFlagS.jpgSo we heard you you want the old style dark roast, well this is our take on it. It is an untraceable coffee but we have an organic in there and somethign to lift it.199.50220.00Order

The list of coffees below reflects, current availabile and prices inclusive of VAT. Please note that this list changes due to the seasonal nature of speciality coffee we have limited quantities per year.

Making the grade

We find our coffees tongue tingling, so what makes them so special:

  • We continually sample pure Arabica based coffee from a number of special growers and their representatives from around the world.
  • These coffees are typically shade and highland grown, in the tropics.
  • From those coffee we taste, we select only the finest specialty pure Arabica beans.
  • We roast each coffee to multiple roast levels and profiles and we taste it. Of the 100's we taste, we select a few that tingle our tongues the way it would tingle Frog Quaffer's.
  • Finally, from those that make our grade we roast them using a unique profile that we have identified exposes each coffee's unique nuances.
  • Importantly we cool the coffee down with air, slowly and gently so that the coffee retains all flavours.

Terms and Conditions

The coffees below are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • VAT INCLUSIVE prices are displayed only.
  • Account (Acc) prices are only for clients that have an active loyalty account with us.
  • Save on Delivery in Cape Town. order more than 1kgs - saves R18.75 per delivery.
  • For coffee inclusive clients please refer to your monthly guidelines.
  • Outside of Cape Town - there is a minimum charge of R45 for up to 3 kilograms, thereafter it varies, or send counter to counter at about R25.00 per kilogram.
  • Please note that due to the nature of Specialty coffee we may not have stock, refer to this site to check if what is in stock.

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