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Coffee Per Cup Cost Comparison

In any comparison there are three items to consider:

  • Bean ListQuality
  • Bean ListTime
  • Bean ListCost

Quality Coffee

At Quaffee we only use Specialty grade shade grown coffee beans

Hand Grading Coffee

One of the many things that make specialty grade coffee stand out, is that it can stand on its own, not requiring blending to produce complex aromas and falvours. It is also relatively scarce with only 10% of the Arabica coffee market classified as specialty grade. What does this all mean? It means that you cannot purchase Specialty Coffee in instant or camp style powder form. Almost world wide it is available from mirco roasters and distributors. People who have a passion for coffee at their very heart, and are driven to ensure that they only select the coffees they enjoy drinking.

So to compare our offering on price is difficult when comparing it to you standard powder based dispenser. However if you compare our pricing to other respected blends or specialty grade suppliers, then you will see that our cost per cup is significantly below the cost of other providers. As in indication, I have listed 3 comparable suppliers, with our cost

Provider # Price per kilogram
Quaffee From R152.00
Brand A (Red) from R295.00
Pod Brand A from R380.00
Brand B (Black) from R255.00
Brand C (African Only) from R190.00

Add to that, that we always list when we roasted our coffee, thereby you can check the freshness, we only sell coffee that is less than a week old

Do you believe you have found someone that does specialty grade coffee at a price that competes? Then Contact Us and I will add them here.

Quality Coffee Machine

We only use the Jura machines. They offer convience, reliability, dependability and quality of brew

Time Saving

When considering a coffee machine and coffee, time is important.


When it comes to coffee, before Quaffee, there were two models

  • at the beginning of the month the coffee supplier drops of a pre agreed amount of coffew, with a minimum order amount, with a use it or lose it mentality, this does not work for specialty coffee, since we recommend coffee is consumed within 2 weeks, or a month if frozen withing 8 hrs
  • An employee is allocated the role of ensuring that they go to the local shops and purhcas coffee, or it is ordered online

The second one is a little more time consuming, and you need to cost in the time shopping. The first cause wastage, and eventual disposal of coffee that is off

At Quaffee we log all our visits and quantities delivered either weekly or fortnightly and then we use you stock level and cup count to calculate when it is likely that you are about to run out, we then give you 4-7 days notice that this is a possibility, which means that the coffee is fresh

Coffee Machine

The Jura coffee machines a quick on the draw, they heat up within 30 seconds, and can brew an espresso in 20 seconds, and a cappuccino in 45 seconds.

With the X range you get large tanks, and larger grinds bins, which means less down time, and all these are accessible from the from of the machine, so they are quick to get to.

For our regular corporate clients if anything does go wrong with the machine, or it just needs a service, we will lend you a similar machine while we sort it out. In our experience the average Jura machine that we have placed works 51.7 weeks year


When looking for a good quality and time saver cost is always a consideration. We are not claiming to be the least expensive, however our service offering of a Jura machine and our unique tracking and delivery system, we are comfortable in stating that we believe our offering is cost efficient with no sacrifice on quality and some time gain

Coffee Cost

As described above we have listed the prices per kilogram. What does this mean per cup. Since the Jura machines can brew a coffee with as little as 6 grams, and as much as 16 grams, the price does vary. However the most common amount used is 8-10 grams. So we have averaged up to say that you should pay no more than 1.40 per cup if you is our cheapest coffee.

Machine Maintenance

One cost that is always ignored is the cost of machine maintenance. So let us put some money to what we state. Here is a summary of a complete cost

Standard Juras

Item Total Cost Cups Rand / cup
Service fee 650 10,000 0.065
Tablets 14.5 200 0.066
Descale 115 1800 (est) 0.064
Total 0.195

The table above calculates for the X series machines, for the standard Jura's the cost is 28.5 cents per cup.

If you want to cost in labour and a swop out machine then you can increase this amount by R2.21 per cup, but this assumes that you do 5,000 cups per year, which is the below average consumption (typically a medium office consumes 10,000 cups per year)

Coffee machines for offices


If you are looking for a way to save money in the office then a kettle and a 1.5kg tin of the cheapest instant coffee will save you money, with a cost per cup of that option starting at around 50cents, and climbing to R2.50 per cup for the freeze dried better blended stuff.

For between R1.00 and R2.00 more you can have a high quality brew, prepared at the touch of a button. What do you get for that, well research has found that happy employees are more productive, many clients would prefer to no coffee than some of the stuff they are served. If you close one more deal a year because your coffee costs R1 more, is it worth it? Well only you can answer that question.

Start offering coffee to clients and employees with confidence, rent a Bean-To-Cup coffee machine, and then use Specialty grade coffee that is as fresh as possible.

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