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The Curious Tale Of Frog Quaffer And His Quest For The Finest Cup Of Coffee

The Oracle

Frog Quaffer packed a hanky with his old mocha pot and grinder and a few sandwiches and hopped from his pad to go and visit the Oracle.

Frog Quaffer had visited the Oracle with many other questions and found that he had vast knowledge. He decided it was time to ask the Oracle about what was fast becoming his obsession: coffee. The Oracle was pleased to see him.

The floating Oracle

“How may I help you today?” the Oracle asked
“I have been told that there are many types of coffee, the king of which is Arabica typica” Frog Quaffer started, “what else can you tell me about this original pure Arabica?”
“There is much to know,” said the Oracle, “Could you refine your search?”
“Well…is there a common name for the purveyors of pure Arabica?” Frog Quaffer asked.
“The growers of pure Arabica are far and wide, however they normally call their coffees ‘fine coffees’, which means that they grown in the tropics, in the shade of trees. The pure Arabica fruit ripens over a period of 9 months and is only picked when the fruit is cherry red and ripe. You can identify a pure Arabica coffee in its green form as all the green beans are of a similar colour because they are of similar ripeness”
“How common are these growers?” asked Frog Quaffer
“They represent a small portion of the coffee growing world, a mere 6% of all coffees grown today are of this type” replied the Oracle
“How does one find this type of coffee?” asked our hero.
“Normally through speciality roasters.” replied the Oracle.
“Speciality roasters?” asked Frog Quaffer.
“They are people who roast these pure coffees to levels that best expose each unique taste,” stated the Oracle
“I suppose these types of people are hard to find, especially near to where I live,” sighed Frog Quaffer
“Actually there is a well respected speciality roaster, who takes his art quite seriously, living an hour’s hop from you” voiced the Oracle.

Frog Quaffer took down the speciality roaster’s details and, seeing as he still had a sandwich left, decided to hop on over there.

Read the section before on Frog Quaffer's discovery of Real Arabica OR Read more on Frog Quaffer's Quest: Speciality Roaster next...

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