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Sacatepequez, Antigua coffee growing region of Guatamala on the map
Antigua from Sacatepequez on the map

Antigua, famous for its coffee world wide

Quaffee has sold coffee from Antigua since 2006. Coffee from this region is well known throughout the world. Antigua is often thought of as the finest area to grow coffee in the Central Americas. There are diverse growing regions within the country that have the altitude, soil and climate conditions to produce great coffee. Antigua coffees are well-known and highly rated. Guatemala regularly holds Cup of Excellence competitions because of its rich heritage and this promotes better coffee.

Antigua is located strategically between three main volcanoes. The result is rich and perfect coffee growing conditions. The volcanoes are Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. Fuego is an active volcano that is always smoking and erupts with some frequency. The area around Antigua has varied and abundant natural fauna and flora. Antigua Guatemala is one of the best preserved historic cities in Spanish America, found in the region there are ruins from the Mayan past.

The climate in Antigua is temperate throughout the year with steady moisture and cool nights. The fact that there are no extreme variations between the wet and dry seasons makes this a perfect area to grow coffee. The soil is volcanic and is rich in minerals and the enclosed valley protects it from severe erosion.

Coffee drying from Maria Zelaya Area Antigua
Maria Zelaya on her farm in Antigua Carmona from Ritual Coffee Roasters

A bit about the coffee we have

The coffee we have won cup of excellence in 2010. It is from a well know farm run by Maria Zelaya. Here farm (finca / Hacienda) is based in the highlands of Sacatepequez in Antigua. The coffee we offer is sold under Maria's name as Café Pulcal, it is from the old Carmona farm in Antigua. Maria Zelaya has a special pride in this special place, which shows in the coffee, the dairy cows, the flowers, the coffee mill, and just about everything at this amazing place. Maria Zelaya, a third generation coffee farmer, currently owns and operates the wet mill.

The farmhouse dates from the Spanish colonial period but coffee was planted much later after the farm was purchased by the Zelaya family at the end of the 18th century. The present owner of the farm is Maria Zelaya Aguirre who has been running the farm since 1959. Luis Pedro Zelaya manages all aspects of coffee cultivation, harvesting and processing. Pulcal is processed and washed in a traditional manner, using crystal clear spring water from the mountains.

Details of the coffee:

Region: Guatemala, Sacatepequez, Antigua
Processing: Wet-processed, solar dried
Arrival Date: Our latest shipment arrived April 2012
Varietal: 100% Arabica Bourbon and Typica
Altitude grown: 1600-1900 meters
Type: Estate coffee
Intensity/Prime Attribute: sweet winey flavours
Roast used: City+ as 2nd crack begins.

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Other Coffee's Info

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