Informal coffee tasting

A coffee drinker driven coffee tasting.

We no longer have a space to do our long length tasting. While they were popular with tourists and we got great reviews, for us to secure a space just for these tastings makes little practical sense.

However, now we run a more informal tasting in the roastery. By informal we mean that you may need to stand while tasting, as space is limited at our roastery.

Taste two coffees

To taste our coffees, simply arrive and choose any two coffees, we have currently roasted, that you would like to taste. We will then brew them using a pour over, and you taste away. We typically are be able to do so on demand, but if you want call / email us and check if we can assist.

Please note that our coffee roasteries are small, so 2 people at a time is best.


For the tasting it is R50 a person. If you buy a coffee you taste, we will waiver that price.

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Note about our old tasting format

We no longer offer the long format coffee tasting. We found that while people loved it, this did not translate to more people moving to quality coffee.

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