Quaffee Newsletter June 2024 – coffees, gear and event

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates with you! From freshly roasted coffees to new brewing equipment, there’s something for every coffee enthusiast. Estimated reading time 2 minutes.

 Let’s dive right in:

Latest Coffees

Migoti from Burundi: After much anticipation, we’re delighted to offer Kigina Hill from Migoti, a new natural coffee from one of our favourite products based in Burundi. We think this is one of the best coffees they have produced. Read more about it here…

Kenyan Delight: Straight from Kabngetuny, Kenya, our latest addition from Kenya is coffee that boasts vibrant acidity and fruity notes. Don’t miss out on this gem!

Jimma Microlot: We are always excited to offer a coffee from a neglected region like Jimma, and to do a microlot is even more special. For those who appreciate specialty microlot coffees, our Jimma microlot is a must-try. It offers a delightful complexity and distinct character. Read more about lot 6 from Mustefa Abakeno here…

Coming Soon: Sao Joao from Brazil: Keep an eye out for our upcoming release of Sao Joao from Brazil. From what we have tasted of this latest crop, expect a sweeter and more complex coffee. It will be available by the end of June. You can still order the current crop of Sao Joao in the meantime here…

New Products

1ZPresso Q Air: If you’re on a budget, the 1ZPresso Q Air hand grinder is a game-changer. Lightweight, efficient, and surprisingly affordable, it’s perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate quality without breaking the bank. More here…

AeroPress XL: The most recognised coffee brew has a bigger member of the family. Need to brew coffee for two? Look no further than the AeroPress XL. You brew into a single container and share the results. More about the AeroPress XL here…

Jura J8 twin: Need 2 different fresh ground coffees then the J8 twin, could be the answer. With its two independent coffee grinders. All the convenience and reputation of Jura with an extra grinder. Read more here…

Jura x10: We loved the X8. Now it has been updated to the X10. The main addition is its ability to do cold brew coffees. Add to that X10  is rated to make 90 coffees an hour.  This sleek machine combines convenience and quality, making it a perfect addition to your office. Read about the X10 here.

Upcoming Event: Brazilian Coffee Tasting

Mark your calendars! On the last Saturday of June, we’re hosting a special event where you can explore the diverse flavours of Brazilian coffees.


Thank you for being part of the Quaffee community! We are committed to bringing you new coffee experiences, and we can’t wait for you to explore these new offerings.


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