Simple Coffee brew calculator

Use the simple coffee brewing calculator below to calculate how much water/coffee to add per type of coffee brew. For espresso brewing, the water quantity is the amount in the final cup. In the other brew methods, the quantity of water is how much water to use for that brew.

Remember that the coffee will absorb 2-3 times its weight in water during the brew.

How to use the calculator

Select if you want the calculator to calculate the amount of coffee to use as a base, or the amount of water the type of brew you want. Then select the brew type either the grams of coffee / ml of water you have. Press Calculate and the calculator will tell you how much water to use/ or coffee to use (or for espresso, how much is in the cup).

Coffee Brew Calculator

Please choose whether you want to calculate based on coffee dose or water quantity.

Coffee Dose
Water Quantity

Recommended Coffee Brew Ratios

Type of coffee brewBrewing ratio to start with
Espresso (old school/dark roast)1:2
Espresso (light roast)1:2.5
Mocha Pot/Italian pot1:4
AeroPress/AeroPress Go1:11
French Press (Plunger)1:16
Hario V60/Kalita (pour-over)1:16.5 – 16.6666
Auto Drip filter 1:18 – 1:18.5 (we use 1:18.182)
These are just starting point guidelines.

Try your own ratios, and see what you think

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