While Quaffee is primarily a coffee roaster, we extend our services to cater to the office space or coffee for offices. Our offerings provide a great coffee experience for your workplace.

Wide Range of Coffees

At Quaffee, we take pride in offering a diverse and extensive range of coffee options, catering to varying tastes and budgets. From rich and bold to subtle and nuanced flavours. We have something to satisfy almost every palate. Moreover, our flexibility allows you to create your very own unique blend, tailored to your specific preferences.

Simplify with Coffee Service and Supply Contracts

Quaffee simplifies the coffee experience for offices with our coffee service and supply contracts. These contracts not only cover the tracking and management of coffee supplies but also encompass the maintenance and upkeep of coffee machines. By opting for a service contract, you can remove the hassle of monitoring maintenance costs and enjoy the best from your coffee machine without worries. And the best part? All of this falls within a fixed coffee budget, ensuring cost predictability.

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Coffee for Offices

Basic Maintenance Included for Hassle-Free Brewing

When Quaffee delivers your coffee to the office, we provide basic maintenance services for your coffee machine. Our team will meticulously inspect the machine’s status and perform essential servicing on both the machine and grinder. This ensures optimal performance and a hassle-free brewing experience for you and your team.

Equipment Rentals for Operational Convenience

Quaffee offers the option of equipment rentals, providing operational convenience for your office. By choosing this option, you can utilise operational expenses rather than capital expenditures to provide great coffee to your valuable staff and customers. This approach offers financial flexibility while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Coffee for Offices Solutions

Discover a world of coffee options tailored to your office’s needs. Choose from a range of options, each designed to enhance your workplace ambience and foster a vibrant coffee culture. Experience the delightful aromas and flavours as our coffee solutions inspire camaraderie and productivity within your team. Elevate your office coffee experience today.

Effortless Automatic Coffee Machine

The convenience of an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine. With just a simple press of a button, this machine prepares coffee, cappuccino, and latte beverages. Perfectly suited for teams of 5 to 100.

Elevate Your Office Coffee Experience

For larger teams of 60 to 100, an automatic coffee machine that goes above and beyond. This impressive machine not only prepares all types of coffees, but also offers hot chocolate. With the capability to produce 50+ coffees per hour, everyone can enjoy their favourite swiftly. Transform your office into a buzzing hub.

Unleashed Coffee Service

Immerse your workplace in the world of artisanal coffee with our Barista station. Whether you choose our automatic or fully automatic espresso machine, a barista will skillfully man the station, offering a comprehensive and personalized coffee service. From crafting espressos to creating intricate latte art, our barista will elevate your coffee experience to extraordinary heights.

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