Quaffee newsletter Feb 2024: Natural Yirgacheffe ­– 1 grinder?

Dear Quaffee community,

As the sun rises and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, we extend a warm welcome to all our fellow coffee enthusiasts.

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Introducing Our New Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Nafkot Admasy

After years of selecting only washed Yirgacheffe specialty coffees, we’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our line-up—the Nafkot Admasy, a naturally processed gem. Besides the fact that we have never offered a natural Yirgacheffee, what also makes this coffee truly special? It hails from a single producer, a rarity in the world of Ethiopian coffee.

Naturals from Yirgacheffe have a magical way of transforming flavours. Where a washed Yirgacheffee typically offers lemon acidity this becomes more stone fruit, and delicate florals evolve into robust black teas and maple syrups. The Nafkot Admasy embodies this enchantment. Explore its unique profile and order your bag on out site here…

Timemore Sculptor Electric Grinder -64S

The TIMEMORE Sculptor: A Versatile Coffee Companion

Our excitement brews as we announce the pending availability of the TIMEMORE Sculptor, a grinder many have been waiting for. Having acquired the 64S through Kickstarter, we’ve been experimenting. Is it a grinder for all occasions? We firmly believe so.

For those who crave transparency, we’ve penned an unfiltered review of the Sculptor. Dive into the details, quirks, and performance nuances here: Unfiltered Look at the TIMEMORE Sculptor 64S.

Choose Your Model: 64, 64S, 78, or 78S

  • 64/64S (Home Use): Perfect for your daily brews, with the 64S offering espresso flexibility.
  • 78/78S (Professional Grade/Commercial): Elevate your coffee game with precision and consistency.

The TIMEMORE Sculptor awaits. Order yours here and sculpt your coffee experience.

Thank you for being part of our caffeinated journey. May your cups overflow with joy and discovery!

Warm regards,

The Quaffee Team 🌟

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