Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Nafkot Admasy from Idido – natural

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Yirgacheffee Nafkot Admasy is a coffee from a female coffee producer from Idido, Yirgacheffe. Tasting notes: fruit, black tea and honey.

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This Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Nafkot Admasu was sourced via And Sons, who source it from Falcon Specialty. This is the first time we have ever offered a Naturally processed coffee from Yirgacheffee. We have tasted several, but have never offered one. Perhaps it is the story that got to us, perhaps it is that it is a great coffee. You be the judge.

Ethiopian Coffee

The West Ethiopian forest (which spills over to South Sudan) is the biological origin of the Arabica coffee plant Ethiopia has a rich and diverse history and tradition of growing and consuming coffee. Ethiopian coffee is known for its complex and varied flavour profiles, depending on the region, variety, and processing method.

Ethiopian coffee is also celebrated in a special ceremony that involves roasting, grinding, brewing, and serving coffee in a social and ritualistic manner.

About Nafkot Admasu

Nafkot has a remarkable personal story. Born in 1978 in Gerbota and has a master’s degree in Public Health. She is married and has three children. Furthermore, she balances her role in the local health office of Yirgacheffe with her coffee production. She partners with Ephtah Coffee, which enhances her income and influence in the coffee industry. Her farm, surrounded by the majestic Sengage mountain, is a symbol of her legacy and dedication.

Her farm and processing station

More than just a coffee producer, Nafkot Admasu is a leader, an innovator, and an inspiration. She grows and processes exceptional “Heirloom” cultivar coffee beans on her 0.5-hectare farm and processing station in Gedicho, Idido, Yirgacheffe. The unique environment of her farm, which sits at an elevation of 2150 meters, gives her coffee distinct and nuanced flavours.

A team of 35 seasonal workers and 6 permanent employees work with Nafkot, sharing her passion for quality and excellence. She cultivates her coffee under the shade of false banana trees, following traditional farming practices that create a sustainable and harmonious ecosystem. Additionally, she handpicks her cherries with care, selecting only the best ones for processing. She chooses not to have formal organic certification, despite the high costs of verification.

Natural Process

Nafkot uses a natural dry processing method, which involves sun-drying the coffee cherries for 12 to 15 days. She then stores them in a local warehouse on-site, before sending them to Addis Ababa for further processing and export. She does not have a washing station, but she prefers this method because it suits the scale of her farm.

Her impact on her community

Not only does Nafkot care about her own success, but she also cares about the well-being of her community. To support her economic and social progress, she participates in the “Ama Commitment” scheme. The scheme pays her 60% of her payment upfront, and the rest when the exporter settles with the buyers. Moreover, she benefits from the pre-funding of 5 million ETB from Ephtah Coffee, which demonstrates the collaborative effort behind her coffee.

However, Nafkot faces many challenges, such as inflation, bureaucratic hurdles, and rising cherry prices. She overcomes them with resilience and innovation. She always seeks ways to improve her coffee and her community. For instance, she is committed to expanding the “Ama Commitment” scheme, and to cultivating false bananas, which produce Kocho, a local food product. Nafkot values sustainability and food security, as well as coffee quality.

This Coffee

Idido, Yirgacheffe(e), Ethiopia.
305 smallholding farmers, who are part of the Kennisa co-operative.
Arabica: various heirlooms.
2150 masl.
Naturally processed and sun-dried on raised beds.
Hessian with Grain Pro inside
Primary tastes:
Apricot, black tea florals and honey sweetness with a fruity after-taste.
Roast used:
Intense heat at the start of the roast. Followed by a decreasing ramp rate, with a kick ramp rate to finish the roast, dropping 45 seconds intothe  first crack.
Roast degree:
Cinnamon (118) – using my-tonino.com

Our brews:

Brew Method Ratio Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.5(27 sec) AeroPress 16g:200g (finer)
Plunger 48g:800g Pour over/filter 18g:300g

Transparency Information

Producer / Organisation Nafkot Admasu
FOB price $12.84/kg (logistics est around R35 / kg)
Cupping score 87.75 (AndSons) –  we cupped at 84.5
Lot size bought 1 x 60 kg bag, with a possible 1 booked.
Relationship We have purchased coffee from Falcon since 2016. Falcon has a direct relationship with the grower.



Ethiopia, Quaffee

Coffee category

1. Easy drinking


floral, fruit, sweet

Coffee region





1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet


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