This IMS Shower Screen is designed for use with a Rancilio Silvia Pro and the Rancilio Silvia.

IMS Precision

Over the past seven decades, knowledge, experience, and innovation have formed the bedrock of IMS’s growing success. The company continues to prioritise innovation, drawing upon its rich experience and technical expertise in designing filtration systems for coffee machines, including the patented perforation system for conical filters.

In addition, IMS aims to be a steadfast companion for those who cherish their coffee, constantly exploring new projects and building on past experiences as they look toward the future.

What is a shower screen?

A shower screen is a metal disc that sits between the boiler and the portafilter of an espresso machine. It has tiny holes that allow the pressurised hot water to flow evenly over the coffee grounds, creating a balanced extraction and a rich crema.

A shower screen also prevents coffee particles from clogging the boiler and affecting the water pressure and temperature. A clean and well-designed shower screen is essential for a consistent and delicious espresso.

What is the IMS Shower Screen?

The IMS Shower Screen is a high-quality replacement shower screen for the Rancilio Silvia machine. It is made by IMS Filtri, an Italian company that specialises in precision filters and accessories for espresso machines.

The IMS Shower Screen has a nanotech coating that makes it more resistant to corrosion and easier to clean. It also has a special pattern of holes that creates a more uniform water distribution and a better wetting of the coffee puck.

The IMS Shower Screen is compatible with all versions of the Rancilio Silvia machine. It is easy to install and requires no modification to the espresso machine.

Benefits of the IMS Shower Screen

By using the IMS Shower Screen, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved extraction: The IMS Shower Screen ensures that the water reaches all the coffee grounds evenly, resulting in a more balanced and complete extraction. This enhances the flavour, aroma, and body of your espresso.
  • Better crema: The IMS Shower Screen creates a finer and more homogeneous water spray, which helps to form a thicker and creamier crema on top of your espresso. Crema is the sign of a well-made espresso and adds to its texture and taste.
  • Easier maintenance: The IMS Shower Screen has a nanotech coating that prevents coffee oils and residues from sticking to it. This makes it easier to clean and reduces the need for descaling and backflushing. A clean shower screen also improves the longevity and performance of your machine.


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