Wholesale coffee offering

What is the offering?

We offer all of our coffee for a wholesale price. All you need to do is order online, and we do the rest. The website will automatically apply the discount at checkout. Only coffee in our 1 kg bags is available at wholesale prices. You need to order a minimum of 10 kg, and the price is applied.

Roasted to order (freshness)

Before exploring our wholesale offering, we believe it is vital for prospective wholesale customers to consider that we recommend that coffee is consumed within the first month after it is roasted. Within the first month, the coffee will produce its finest flavours and hence be more enjoyable.

Who is the target market?

We would like to extend our wholesale pricing to those who are true coffee enthusiasts and consume a significant amount of coffee every 2-3 weeks. Our wholesale offering is ideal for the following groups:

  • Independent coffee shops that prioritise the art of coffee making. At Quaffee, we understand the effort and expertise that goes into running a café like yours, and we’d love to partner with you as one of your coffee roasters.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses that have knowledgeable staff who appreciate the importance of good coffee. If coffee is an integral part of your company culture, our wholesale program can provide you with the fuel you need to power through the day.
  • Event planners who want to provide their guests with an exceptional coffee experience. Our wholesale program can ensure that your attendees leave with a memorable impression of your event.
  • Hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other hospitality businesses that want to provide their guests with a quality coffee experience.
  • Co-working spaces and other shared offices that have a communal kitchen and want to offer their members a great cup of coffee.
  • Universities and colleges that have student-run coffee shops or cafes on campus.
  • Food trucks and mobile coffee carts that need a reliable source of fresh roasted coffee to serve their customers.
  • Online retailers and subscription services that specialise in coffee and want to offer their customers a unique and high-quality product.

We are always happy to explore new partnerships and would love to discuss how we can help meet your wholesale coffee needs.

A note about automatic coffee machines

If you use an automatic coffee machine like the Jura, we recommend looking at our service contract offering, which includes more than just coffee. Details of the service contracts are available on our services page…

Discount structure

Amount OrderedDiscount applied
10 – 19 kg10%
20 – 29 kg15%
30 – 49 kg20%
50+ kg25%

Note that this is on the total order. You can order multiples of a single coffee, as long as the totals are in the range the discount is applied.

For example

You order 3 kg of Los Naranjos, 3 kg of Bunna blend, and 4 kg of Relationship Blend. Then you will get a 10% discount on all the kg orders at checkout.

Exclusive Discount

The wholesale discount precedes all other deals except coupons and gift vouchers.

Contact us

Should you prefer not to use the checkout option, contact us. Whether it is to set up a service or monthly contract, we will help.

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