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We have always been keen to be transparent (where we are able) about our coffee sourcing. We believe this will allow everyone to appreciate the full chain from seed to roasted bean. In the past (for our high-end coffees) we have published full transparency on the coffees, under each coffee. We have even asked our clients what they are prepared to pay for these coffees.

While we have not always got an overwhelming response, recently (June 2020) we were made aware of an initiative that we believe can affect the overall reward that producers get for their coffees, especially those concentrating on quality. We are keen to be part of this initiative and hence from now on will be publishing transparency information of all our coffees, on their information site.


Transparency.coffee is the driver behind this initiative. In signing the pledge, we have agreed to:

  • Have at least one coffee at all time that is considered transparent as per criteria of the Pledge.
  • Transparency information must be publicly available on the website
  • We must indicate the share of transparent coffees we sell.

Transparency of FYE2020 coffees

All our coffee that we purchased directly for our financial year-end (FYE) in 2020, or are able to trace to the source we have included in this report as transparent. For FYE2021 all coffees, we are able to provide FOB price we will class as transparent. The bulk of our non-transparent coffees are our “budget” line of coffees (namely the 3-star and below). While we tend to still select these coffees on taste, it is driven but price, so that while they may not be our favourite coffees, they keep Quaffee afloat, while still recognising the few diamonds in the rough. 

Below is a graphical representation of our sales as per the previous financial year. Should you want to see how we calculated the numbers below, please see the downloadable pdf.

Coffee Transparency Graph

Transparency info per coffee FYE2021

All coffees listed on our site, from July 2020, will have a transparency section. If we imported or sourced the coffee directly, we will list the FOB price. If we have worked with a local agent, we will disclose the FOB price if they are happy to let us. For any coffee that we additional information we will post this in the transparency section of each coffee.

Status of coffee stock as of July 2020

Transparent coffees ordered as of July 2020

Coffe we have sourced ourselves directly from various agents or representatives this year.

Coffee Price Type Price Qty Ordered Total
biNyabiraba FOB $3.3 11 x 60kg bags 660kgs
biNyinyna FOB $4 4 x 60kg bags 240kgs
coASOrganica FOB $4.1 12 x 35kg boxes 420kgs
coLaPiramide FOB $3.7 12 x 35kg boxes 420kgs
coLosIdolos FOB $3.7 14 x 35kg boxes 490kgs
coLosNaranjos FOB $3.7 13 x 35kg boxes 455kgs
coYara FOB $5 2 x 35kg boxes 70kgs
coLaSerenia (decaf) FOB $4.4 3 x 35kg boxes 105kgs
coLaEstrella FOB $3.6 1 x 70kg bags 70kgs
elGuayacan ML FOB $3.8 1 x 69kg bags 69kgs
ecSaraguallas FOB $3.8 4 x 35kg bags 140kgs
Total 3139kgs
First 2 letters are the ISO country code of the coffee. Links are included for the coffee that is available.

None Transparent coffees on local SPOT

Coffees that are using local suppliers that may not be comfortable to release FOB prices. As these coffees are held in their warehouse, and we perhaps them on SPOT we list what we currently have in stock at our premises.

Coffee Price Type Price Quantity in Stock
brEstrelas n/a unknown 90kgs
brPantano n/a unknown 80kgs
etSidama n/a unknown 85kgs
etYirgacheffe CIF pending 120kgs
gtCafePulcal CIF pending 138kgs
hnOrganic (blender) n/a unknown 138kgs
keChesiro CIF pending 60kgs
niRajuanse CIF pending 45kgs
coDecaf (white label) n/a unknown 40kgs
Total 796kgs
First 2 letters are the ISO country code of the coffee. Links are included for the coffee that is available.

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