Colombian Decaf, La Serrania from Huila coffee beans

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La Serrania Decaf from Huila Province in Colombia. From the same area that Los Idolos comes from, this is a quality shade grown decaf, that is decaffeinated at source using sugar cane by product. This coffee has great fruit and is medium bodied, a 4-star complexity coffee.

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Colombian Decaf, La Serrania, was sourced via Caravela.

Huila province Colombia

Colombia is recognised throughout the world as the largest producer of quality Arabica coffee. Over the last decade, the Huila department (province) of Colombia has shown that it can produce great quantity and great quality coffee. Now this famous area has a great Decaf, a coffee that is worth drinking.

Natural Decaf

Colombian Decaf, La Serrania - decaf tubesThe method used to decaffeinate this coffee is called a natural process. Natural because it uses ethyl acetate (EA) derived 100% from sugar cane mixed with mountain water. Together, these remove 99.7% of the caffeine present. The beauty of the Natural EA process is that it helps preserve most of the original flavours of the coffee, while adding fruity notes and some complexity to the cup.

Add to this that the process is also performed at origin, rather than using labs in Germany or Switzerland.

Descafecol, located in Manizales, Caldas, has been using the process for 3 decades and the result has been a far fruitier and more enjoyable coffee.

La Serrania

Virmax now Caravela, who are wildly regarded as one of the top players in the premier Colombian coffee market, helped us source this Colombian Decaf, La Serrania. A small collection of growers in southern Huila (same area that Los Idolos comes from) contribute to La Serrania. The coffee is first processed using a traditional wet process and then once fully dried it is sent to Descafecol to be decaffeinated.

The process ensures that the coffee’s complexity stays relatively intact and not “burnt” off like what happens using the synthetic methods.

Colombian Decaf, La Serrania Details

Colombian Decaf, La Serrania is rated as a specialty grade coffee, on its own. So, it is good to drink even if you are not concerned about the caffeine in coffee. The coffee is medium bodied with fruit and spice notes and subtle wine like acidity.

Huila, Colombia.
Approximately 50 small-holding farmers, average farm size 1Ha.
100% Arabica Caturra, Castillo and Colombia F6.
1,500 – 1,750 masl.
Other notes:
  • Shade: Semi-shaded with plantain and Nogal trees.
  • Harvest:
    • Main: October – December.
    • Mitaca (fly): May – July.
Fully Washed. Dry Fermentation process (>+26 hours). Fully sun-dried in parabolic patios and raised beds.
Hessian with GrainPro.
Good complex coffee with intensely fruity and sweet with a medium body and a clean finish.
Roast used:
What we would call a bump and kick, flame to start, then ease off in the middle of drying, and flame again as yellowing starts. Hold flame until acceleration into first crack.
Roast degree:
Light – using my-tonino.com.

Our brews:

Brew Method Ratio Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.4 AeroPress 17g:200g
Plunger 48g:800g Pour over/filter 19g:300g

Transparency Information

Sourced from Caravela
FOB price US$5.50/pound
Cupping score 84.5-85.5 (seasonal variances, this is the min and max)
Logistics Cost ZA173.10 / kg. Coffee had to be flown in as we could not consolidate it with our other Colombian coffees.
Producer/Organisation Caravela /  La Serrania
Typical lot size bought 2 x 70kg bags.
Relationship Our relationship with Caravela goes back to 2008.
Coffee category



4 ★ Single



Coffee region



fruit, sweet


Caravela, Colombia, Quaffee




1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet

2 reviews for Colombian Decaf, La Serrania from Huila coffee beans

  1. Jordan

    Superb decaf coffee. It is complex, well balanced, and finishes smooth. Delicious cherry hints. I highly recommend!

  2. Karl Möller (verified owner)

    Let’s just say that my wife did not believe that this was decaf. Excellent.

    • Warren Machanik

      Thanks for the review. We love this decaf too.

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