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Quaffee was born from a two-decade-long pursuit for the finest quality coffee. On this journey, a model for producing a consistently high standard of coffee began to take shape: Only by sourcing exceptional coffees and ensuring they are roasted with sensitivity to their individual characteristics can this standard be maintained.

Finding others that shared a similar desire for coffee excellence encouraged us to begin Quaffee, hoping that our years of accumulated experience might be of benefit. This vision has remained our core philosophy since 2006 and continues still today.

The symbol of a frog represents our journey. It also serves as a constant reminder to ensure that we remain bound to our vision and true to each individual involved in the supply of every bean we offer. You can read more about the frog logo here…
Froq Quaffee looking out at La Piramide


Understanding our vision requires a bit of explanation.

We strive to spread the word of the complexity of coffee. Coffee is a complex product that has many levels of quality. Quality is driven by agricultural and processing methods as well as individuals, groups of individuals, co-operatives and organisations. Once it is processed and in the bag, the complexity is then increased by the roasting approach and then by the method of brewing.

Our vision is to help coffee lovers appreciate these steps. We aim to develop both our and their ability to discern the differences in coffees. To learn to appreciate coffee from its lowest rejected, or “pasela” grade, to it highest and most celebrated complexity. This product is more than a black liquid in a cup, it is able to provide incredible ‘WOW!’ moments that make us enjoy the products of the labour of so many individuals along the way.

In short: “Spread the knowledge and appreciation of the complexity of coffee as an enjoyable beverage”.

The most important word being enjoyable not stimulative!

About our web site

Our site is designed to be read.

We have packed our site with a lot of information about coffee. From the coffee seed to fresh brewed coffee in the cup. We are interested in more people loving coffee. Yes, we have coffee gear and coffee beans for sale. But we have more information about coffee on this site than we have pages on products and services.

The web site uses the base colours of green and brown. Green is the colour of the coffee bean after it has been extracted from the red cherry. Brown is the colour we associate with the roasted bean and brewed coffee.

We have made our site scalable as much as possible but most pages are better viewed in screen resolutions of about 1024×768. Our historical data illustrates that this is the most common resolution that our website is viewed in.

We have designed our website with these colours in mind. As a summary these colours have meaning:

  • Green – is used when we are expecting input from you, the web user. Our menus are green and our contact forms are green. When selected this changes to brown.
  • Brown – means information, you select a green bean (or menu) to get a final product and so, the information will be presented in a table that is shaded in brown

Depending on your browser you may have coffee stains behind the details section of the web page. We have added this as a tongue in cheek way of saying you should be enjoying a great cup of joe when reading our site.

And hopefully soon you will be enjoying a great cup of Quaffee.

QUAFFEE stands for: QUAFF + coffEE,  QUAlity coFFEE, or QUAffable coFFEE.

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