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1Zpresso is a Taiwanese designer of coffee equipment, with a particular focus on manual grinders. 

AeroPress product line

AeroPress is an USA based coffee maker manufacturer known for its quick brewer and convenient travel press


Anfim, a company founded in 1932, has played a significant role in the traditional Italian espresso culture.


Trusted by Specialty Coffee Professionals From championship stages to home brew bars, Baratza has been a staple of the coffee industry for decades.

Behmor focus is on creating intuitive tools designed for coffee connoisseurs who seek a great cup of coffee.


Bialetti is an Italian brand founded by Alfonso Bialetti of coffee machines, cookware and small kitchen appliances.

Brew Tool Logo Web

BrewTool is a brand specific to South Africa that concentrates on Barista tools.

Chemex Logo Web

The legend started back in 1941 when a German chemist, Peter J. Schlumbohm, invented this brewing device.

Hario Product Range

Hario is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial glass that has been trading since the 1920s, now well known for its coffee brewing kit.

Jura are a Swiss based company specialising in automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines. The South African products are backed up by official representation of The Swiss brand.

Kalita Logo Web

Establish in 1959, Kalita Co is a family-owned Japanese company that first began perfecting coffee equipment in the 1950s.


 Established in 1926 Mahlkönig has become a recognised market leader in innovation and quality coffee grinders.

Quaffee coffees are selected from a wide range they are offered. Good news is, we like sharing.

Rancilio Logo Web

Rancilio is an espresso machine manufacturer, founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio in Parabiago, Italy.

Timemore product line

Timemore is a Chinese coffee company that specialises in quality products aimed at the manual brewing segment.

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