Hario V60 coffee dripper

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The Hario V60 coffee dripper 01/02 is known the world over for the clean cup it produces. A manual pour over method that is easy to use. There is a 1 and 2 cup version. Plastic is good for travelling, ceramic we feel makes a slightly better cup.

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The Hario V60 coffee dripper offers a clean cup with ease. One of our favourite ways we brew coffee.


Hario is a Japanese company founded in 1920 specialising in heatproof glassware. Having previously produced a syphon brewer, they released the V60 dripper in the early years of the millennium. The name of their pour over brewer comes from vector 60, which refers to the 60° angle of its cone.

Since its release the V60 has become very popular as a method of brewing single serve coffee, largely because of two design factors:

  • The cone shape and 60° angle allows the water to flow to the centre, prolonging contact between the water and coffee grounds.
  • Spiral ribs rise all the way to the top, allowing air to escape easily, maximising the expansion of the coffee grounds.

Varying your grind size and the rate at which water is poured can lead to very different brew:

  • Small grind size constant water flow= medium-body, significant complexity.
  • Small grind size slow water flow = full body, less complexity.
  • Medium grind size constant water flow = light-body, decent complexity.
  • Medium grind size slow water flow = light-body, most complexity.

We love to play with our brew method, you can read more about our starting point brew here…

Hario V60 coffee dripper video

Hario’s video on the dripper:


The specifications below apply to the plastic and ceramic versions.

Specification 01 02
Size: W115 × D100 × H82mm W137 × D116 × H102mm
Capacity: 150ml – 300ml (max) 150ml – 600ml (max)
Hario filter: 01 01 or 02
Dish washer safe: Yes Yes

1 – cup, 2 – cup

Hario type

ceramic (white), plastic






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