The Hario Buono kettle is one of those luxuries in life you have to have. And once you have it you wonder how you lived without it.

Precision pouring

Designed to allow total control to the pour-over coffee lover. With the gooseneck design, the flow rate is controllable. Add to that the shape and diameter of the spout and you can pour water with almost pin-point accuracy.

Compatible with all types of stoves: gas, electric and induction, or used just to pour with acute control.

Hario Buono kettle

Hario is known to manufacture and invent brilliant coffee equipment, so it is not an accident that the Buono kettle is well respected.

What makes the Hario kettle great is a combination of things. Its classic and elegant design offers baristas and coffee experts at home to pour water like never before. It is easy to see that Hario put a lot of thought when designing the pour-over kettle.

In effect the low-mounted spout and a high-mounted easy-to-grip handle, allows you to take total control of the flow-rate. Although it was designed with the V60 in mind, the Hario kettle is ideally used with any manual pour-over brewing method. If you are familiar with it, then you know how important it is to pour the hot water over the coffee in an even and steady motion. Intuitive Hario kettle design makes it easy to do that and allows you to brew a perfect cup of drip coffee.

This is the largest Hario Buono kettle with a capacity of 1.2 litres (800ml if using it to boil water), the smaller one 800ml (600ml for boiling). Of course, the stainless steel body with a flat-bottom makes it durable, easy to clean and enables you to use it on any kind of heater. Overall the Hario kettle is smartly designed and makes a perfect tool for brewing great V60 pour-over coffee.

  • Precise pour-over spout
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Flat knob lid
  • Directly use for drip coffee
  • Stainless steel
  • Capacities:
    •  1.2 litre (pouring) / 800 ml (for boiling) or
    • 1 litre (pouring) / 600 ml (for boiling).

1.2 litre, 800ml


1 – cup, 2 – cup, 3 – cup, 4 – cup, 6 – cup, 8 – cup




Buono kettle


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