Bialetti Brikka – stove top espresso producing crema

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Bialetti Brikka for making espresso with crema on a stove. The classic moka pot gets an upgrade that improves the final brew. We like the 2-cup best, but you be the judge, others have told us the 4-cup suits them more.

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The Bialetti Brikka is the upgrade on the classic Bialetti Moka Express.


The original stove top espresso was invented by Luigi De Ponti, or alongside Alfonso Bialetti. Either way, Bialetti acquired the patent of the Moka Express coffee maker. Designed in 1933, the coffee pot has been a style icon since the 1950s.

Bialetti Brikka

Let’s face it, the Moka needed an upgrade. Although crema was only produced by espresso machines in the 40s after Gaggia invented his pressure release based espresso machine, we have come to expect it. And this is what the Bialetti Brikka achieves, with a little work. Use it properly, and it produces crema bubbles on top of the espresso.

We have tasted coffee brewed on both the Moka and Brikka brew, and it is indeed an improvement.

While there is a 2 and 4 cup, our favourite is the 2 cup. However, some may find the 60-80g of resulting brew a little too small, and may prefer the 4 cup which produces around 120-160g of brew (from between 26-30g of coffee grinds)

How to use the Brikka

Our recommended method for the Bialetti Brikka is different from the one with the Moka Express:

  • Unscrew the base from the top.
  • Remove the filter from the bottom.
  • Place cold water in the top part of the Brikka, make sure you go to exactly the line at the top that is marked by the ridge. Do not go over the ridge. For the 2 cup, this is 60-80g of water.
  • Add water to the base
  • Place ground coffee (should be similar to sea sand) into the filter, and scrape off excess, making sure it is flat. Do not press the coffee into the basket.
  • Add filter back to base.
  • Screw the top onto the base.
  • Place on a high or aggressive flame.
  • For the older style Brikka (that has a valve),  while this is busy, with the back of a spoon, wiggle the valve up and down.
  • When the water starts flowing, remove the flame.
  • Serve.

Video on the new version

We found this video useful


2 – cup, 4 – cup

Coffee brew type

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1 review for Bialetti Brikka – stove top espresso producing crema

  1. Tanya Thomson (verified owner)

    Hi, just to let you know that the 2cup Brikka, very cute, too cute, like Barbie. I know the Italians take their coffee seriously, but some of us South Africans take coffee even more seriously. I am in love with the 4cup Brikka, it actually brews you a decent size cup of coffee, crema and all. The 2cup is way too tiny.

    • Warren Machanik

      Thanks for the feedback. We have updated the details on the product page so there is a clearer understanding wrt to the volume the two options produce :).

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