AeroPress Paper Filters (original)

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AeroPress Paper Filters for the AeroPress and AeroPress Go. The original micro filter is developed to allow flavour through but no coffee grinds. 350 in a pack.

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The AeroPress Paper Filters are designed by AeroPress of their range of AeroPresses.

AeroPress Paper Filters


  • Material: Biodegradable paper
  • Quantity: 350 filters per pack
  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for use with the AeroPress and AeroPress Go coffee makers
  • Design: Micro-filters for grit-free coffee
  • Dimensions: Fits the AeroPress coffee maker filter cap
  • Sustainability: Compostable and environmentally friendly

Product Description: Enjoy a smoother cup of coffee every time with AeroPress filters. Specially designed for the AeroPress coffee maker, these micro-filters remove even the finest sediment to ensure a clean and full-flavored brew. Each pack contains 350 disposable filters, making it easy to share your love for coffee with friends and family. Eco-conscious and convenient, AeroPress paper filters are the choice for coffee aficionados everywhere.

Please note, the specifications provided are based on typical AeroPress filters and may not reflect the exact details of the AeroPress XL filters, there is a specific XL version.


AeroPress Filters for the AeroPress classic, AeroPress Clear and AeroPress Go coffee maker can uses filters to ensure that the coffee grinds are filtered from the brewed coffee.

Difference between Paper and Metal filters

You can also puirchase the AeroPress Metal Filter, so what is the difference?

The difference between paper and metal coffee filters lies in their impact on the taste, texture, and environmental footprint of your coffee:

Taste & Texture:

Environmental Impact:

  • Paper Filters: They are disposable and contribute to waste, although they are often biodegradable or compostable. The ongoing cost and environmental impact of using paper filters can add up over time.
  • Metal Filters: A more sustainable option as they are reusable and reduce waste. While the initial cost might be higher, they can be more economical in the long run1.

Health Considerations:

  • Paper Filters: They can remove more diterpenes and compounds in coffee oils, there are soem studies that have found this to be healthier.

Ultimately, the choice between paper and metal filters depends on personal preference for taste and texture, as well as considerations for cost and environmental impact.



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AeroPress Paper FiltersAeroPress Paper Filters (original)
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