AeroPress Coffee Maker XL — Double Capacity

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The AeroPress Coffee Maker XL is particularly suitable for those who wish to brew multiple cups at once or prefer a larger single serving.

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The AeroPress Coffee Maker XL is made by the AeroPress Company.

All about the AeroPress Coffee Maker XL

The AeroPress XL is an upgraded version of the iconic AeroPress coffee maker, known for its simplicity and ability to brew smooth, rich coffee.

Double the Capacity, Double the Joy

The world famous AeroPress now boasts double the capacity! Includes a 600ml carafe, crafted from crystal-clear, shatterproof Tritan™.

Globally Acclaimed

Join 55K+ coffee lovers have discovered why AeroPress is the world’s worst-kept coffee secret. As a result there are over 55,000 five-star reviews worldwide.

Why AeroPress Coffee Stands Out?

  • 3-in-1 Brewing Perfection Immerse, aerate, and press your way to exceptional coffee. Our unique method lets you enjoy espresso-style, American, cold brew, and lattes in just a minute.
  • Fast Immersion, No Grit Our press includes filtration, allowing for a finer grind and a faster brew. This means less acidity, no bitterness, and absolutely no grit.
  • Air Pressure Excellence The AeroPress plunge system uses gentle pressure to extract only the purest flavors, giving your coffee unmatched body and finish.

Effortless Use

Stir, Plunge, Enjoy! Combine hot water with your favorite coffee, stir, and plunge. It’s that simple. Clean-up is a breeze too—just eject the puck of grinds and rinse.

The Ultimate Coffee Gift

Make Birthdays Brighter! Give the gift of delicious coffee. With a one-year warranty, thousands of rave reviews, and free shipping, the AeroPress is a present that’s sure to delight.

What’s in the Box?

Everything You Need for the Perfect Cup:

  • AeroPress XL Chamber, Plunger, Filter Cap & Seal
  • Shatterproof AeroPress Carafe made with Tritan™
  • 100 AeroPress XL Paper Micro-Filters
  • Custom-length Stirrer
  • Coffee Scoop

Safety First

Use with Confidence Always use a sturdy mug or carafe. Avoid the inverted method to prevent instability and potential spills.

YouTube Video of AeroPres XL:


  • Material: Plastic, Tritan
  • Color: Black
  • Volume (ml): 600 ml
  • Height:29,8 cm





1 – cup, 2 – cup (40)


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R1,745.00 incl. VAT

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