Jura milk system cleaning container

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Jura milk system cleaning container for cleaning any milk system on a Jura machine. One compartment for the cleaner, one compartment for waste.

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The Jura milk system cleaning container is a perfect companion for all the Jura machines the have an integrated milk frother.

Container for milk system cleaning

The special 2-chamber container made of dishwasher-safe plastic makes it easier to clean the milk system by eliminating the need to look for suitable receptacles. Compatible with all Jura automatic coffee machines and features easily visible marks to indicate how much milk system cleaner and water should be added. Its optimised shape makes it easy to store.

Instructions for use of cleaning container

Each Jura machine recommends a slightly different approach to using the milk system cleaning container. As a guide:

  1. Add 10 ml of Jura milk system cleaning liquid into the front container.
  2. Add 200 ml of water into the same container.
  3. Place the milk frothing tube into the nipple at the front of the container.
  4. Select the milk cleaning program from the Jura machine (or if not available, select milk froth).
  5. Run the program.
  6. Once all the liquid is finished, rinse the container.
  7. Fill from part of container with water, and complete the process.
  8. This should result in the milk tubes, and the complete milk frothing system.

The cleaning container comes with the Jura WE8. However the container can be ordered for any Jura, and in fact none Jura.




milk system cleaning container


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Jura milk system cleaning containerJura milk system cleaning container
R360.00 incl. VAT

Availability: Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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