Hario starting point brew

The Hario starting point brew we use is our first brew with a new coffee. We love the flexibility of the Hario almost every coffee has a sweet spot. That said how do we start to find it? After playing for a few years this is now our starting point brew:

  • We use the 4/6 brew method as a base (read more here…)
  • Assuming we are going to have a total of 300g of water we measure out 18g of coffee
  • While the kettle boils grind the coffee.
  • Once kettle boiled flush paper filter, and add the coffee
  • Pour 18x3g (54g) – see reasoning why here…
  • Wait 40 seconds;
  • Pour until 120g – wait 20 seconds.
  • Then pour until 180g – wait 20 seconds;
  • again pour until 240g – wait 20 seconds;
  • finally pour until 300g – wait for the coffee to completely drained.
  • Now enjoy.

Time to play now! Adjust grams up for more body, and down for more flavour.


Notes on grind

Simple rule of thumb on grind coarseness. If you find the water is through the coffee between each pour (besides the first one), then the grind is too coarse. However if you find the pours in between are not draining quick enough, or the brew takes longer than 4 minutes, then the grind is too fine.

fine=more time
course=to quick

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