Learn more about coffee plant sugar development (Re-post)

Interested to learn more about coffee plant sugar development? Then take a look at this re-post from the Colombian Coffee Hub.

All coffee plants produce sugars, but there are some factors associated to the environmental offer that make the plant consume sugars at a higher rate: temperature and altitude. Watch the video below for the quick lecture. So you can learn about the importance of:

  • Height the coffee is grown.
  • The affect of variance of rainfall.
  • How the accumulation of sugars during growing is reflected in the cup.
  • The importance of temperature on the development of sugars.

Is your interest peaked? Then watch the video:

Coffee plant sugar development

A note about roasting

As with any form of heat introduction to a product, the Maillard reaction that pronounces the sugar in the coffee. On the whole a good roaster should be able to expose sugar by careful roasting. The further a coffee is roasted the few sugars will remain in the roasted coffee.

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