Which filter to use with your manual brew or pour over?

Need a guide to as to which filter to use with your manual brew or pour over?

Information in this post comes directly from the post by Mike McDonald – as posted on medium. Go ahead and read the complete here: https://medium.com/@mmdsl28/understanding-brew-colloids.

We would like to thank Mike for allowing us to use the content.

Quick Summary

In the post Mike explains that we need to understand brew colloids and acids, to appreciate which filter material is suited to the coffee we have selected to brew. Much is covered including how colloids are formed, if they are absorbing and adsorbing. Read it, it is a great read.

Rule of Thumb

While every country and region does produce very varied coffee, as a rule of thumb he laid down these guides:


Especially great for East African or Central American coffees, washed coffees that have a high quality and prominent acidity potential.

Order ones for Hario here


Suitable for South American, some Central American and Asia Pacific coffees. Be warned that using metal filters will allow some degree of micro-fines through.

Order the able metal filter here…


Super clean cup with decent body and a moderately high level of aromatics because of this. Complex coffees with a good balance between acid and body-quality potential work really well here.

We love paper and so does Mike, perhaps paper-to-paper comparisons can be done?

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