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Able Disk coffee filter for AeroPress

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This product is no longer imported and is replaced by the AeroPress made metal fitler, view more about that metal filter here…

The convenience of never purchasing another filter is the main reason to purchase this filter. It is stainless steel and so very easy to wash. The disk is precision cut, and no coffee grinds get through the filter.

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The Able Disk coffee filter Stainless-steel filter produces a consistent and creamer cup of coffee. Never run out of filters ever again. We normally stock the standard (medium), as this gave us the best results in the cup.

Features and benefits

As per the More-flavour site:

Able developed these amazingly designed and crafted re-usable stainless-steel disc coffee filters for the AeroPress in South Africa, removing the need for paper filters. Beyond that, the metal fitters tend to allow more natural oils through than paper coffee filters. This will enhance body and smoothness in the cup. Standard size is the largest of the Disc sizes, which a versatile size suitable for most coffee styles. The standard really shines for a strong brew strength of strong Americano.


  • Re-useable
  • Customised brew style
  • 100% made in the USA by Able Brewing
  • Packaging 100% FSC recycled FSC certified
  • The Able Disk is directional, so make sure you place the Disc into the AeroPress with writing facing upward.
  • Face it the wrong way round will make it noticeably harder to plunge the AeroPress.
  • To clean, simply reverse the Disc in the AeroPress filter cap, lock in as you would to make a coffee and hold the filter underwater.
  • Syringe water in and out to vigorously dislodge any coffee granules.
  • Wipe clean and dry.

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