Armonizar Coffee Blend roasted in Cape Town

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A blended coffee with a South and Central America bias, with a touch of an African coffee. Designed with people and companies in mind that want a good value for money coffee that is enjoyable in most brewing methods. An all day drinking coffee that is 100% Arabica.

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Armonizar Coffee Blend, a coffee blend for those on a budget.

Good value blend

There is a common saying among coffee traders, “All coffee has a home”. While we have a minimum we prefer, we understand that sometimes there are fiscal pressures on the home and corporate purchaser.

At Quaffee, most coffees we source are specialty grade and as direct as possible. However, Armonizar is our interpretation of a good and affordable coffee blend . We achieve this by blending at least one budget and one borderline specialty coffee. Armonizar changes per season and per crop of coffee.

Note: Many of the coffees in the Armonizar blend do not qualify as high enough quality to stand alone. This means that most of the coffees in the blend are not available as single origin roasted coffees.

Armonizar Coffee Blend

The Armonizar blend contains a mixture of Central and South American co-operative coffees and an African coffee. The coffees are typically suited to general purpose drinking. Using these coffees as a base, we continually update this blend to reflect a coffee that has strong Central and South American tones, with a little African added in for some fruity brightness.

That is why we call it Armonizar, which means harmonise in Spanish. Spanish is the language that most of Central and South America speak (excluding indigenous languages).

Made for general consumption

When we blend the coffee, our target is to suit as many brewing methods as possible. All coffees in the blend are roasted to be a little more soluble. There may be a little sacrifice in complexity as a result.

Still Conscious & Sustainable

We continually strive to source coffee consciously, with producer and environmental sustainability as a driver. We endeavour to ensure all coffees in this blend follow this philosophy, however, the price point does limit our capacity to do this sometimes. All coffees in the blend are Arabica.

Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


3 ★ Blnd




cocoa, nut




Armonizar, Blend


1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet


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