Zine Coffee Blend roasted to order in Cape Town

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Zine coffee blend, A blend of dark and light roasted arabica coffees. For those on a budget that want a classic coffee taste.

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Zine Coffee Blend, designed to move you to the lighter side.

Traditional Blend

Up to 25 years ago, the main way blends where blent, was to blend coffees of different roast degree with one another. Although this practice predominates many commercial blends to day still, the fact that the roast degree rather than the origin of the coffee is a deciding factor in the taste is slowly losing favour amongst many coffee drinkers.

Essentially we at Quaffee have created a blend that is similar to this style of classic blend. Combining coffees of different roast degrees, in the hope that coffee drinkers will try it, and like it, and then start on a journey similar to that Frog Quaffer had.

We have also discovered then many coffee drinkers are happy to have reach the end of the journey, and feel there is not much more they want to taste, but we can only take the coffee drinker to the cup, even if they do not drink.

Zine Coffee Blend

Zine means four in Xhosa. And that is how many coffees are blent into this blend. With 50% of them roasted dark, well into second crack and 50% are a lighter roast, where first crack is completed.

We believe this makes a good balance of roasting complexity and coffee complexity, for those that are not sure about their love for coffees being complexity rather than body dominant.

The blend is seasonal, based on availability of the coffees. The style of roast means that 50% of the coffee used in the blend is not that important.

Consciousness & Sustainability

While cost is a factor in this blend, we do try our utmost to use at least and organic coffee as a base, and then add a traceable coffee or two to the blend to increase its complexity.

Transparency Information

Sourced from Varies depending on season
Roast degree Medium (87) – using my-tonino.com
FOB price See components for breakdown
Cupping score Varies per season between 70-80.
Other Information Zine is a blend of the coffees that make up Old-school and Armonizar in equal portions.
Coffee category

Classic Roast


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Blend, Zine


1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet


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