Kenyan Karugiro coffee (Peaberry / Washed)

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Our new Kenyans are here, so we are selling the Karugiro at a bargain price, while we still have stock.

Karugiro, Kenya Peaberry from the Murang county is has a citrus fruit characteristics and a medium body with a sweetness on the nose.

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Karugiro, Kenya a washed peaberry coffee sourced from Bespoke.


Next to Ethiopia, kenya must be the best known coffee origin in Africa. Kenya is a well developed producer, and probably one of the original countries associated with horticultural experiments in coffee.

The famous Scott Lab coffees have their origin in Kenya. SL cultivars are well known, and some consider them the perfect post child of Kenyan coffee.

About 60% of coffee grown in comes from Co-operatives, which means it’s tough to go visit a person or build a long term relationship. But there is a very transparent auction system in Kenya, and an opportunity to cup lots of coffee.

Murang County

The Murang County and is a well known as a coffee growing area on the foothills of the Aberdare Mountains. The soils are deep red, volcanic and well draining. The area is showered throughout the year with adequate tropical rainfalls.

The area rises to 3,700 metres. To the north of Karugiro is the Majestic Mount Kenya National Park and slightly to the south is Mount Suswa Conservancy and the Kenya’s capital city Nairobi – with it famous Nairobi National Park.

Karugiro, Kenya

This coffee comes from the Kamacharia Co-operative Society – the parent society for Karugiro – which has about 900 members with approximately 180-250 coffee trees each.

Growers selectively and delicately pick only ripe red cherries, and transport to the washing station on the same day. Upon reception at the washing station, cherries are sorted to further check for over- ripe cherries, under-ripe cherries, and any foreign matter.

After pulping, coffee is naturally fermented in water for about 12 hours or plus, in order to remove mucilage. Post-fermentation, coffee is washed with fresh flowing river water with their origins from the Aberdares.

Parchment is then placed on pre-drying beds for 2-3 hours, until any surface water has evaporated, before being transferred to raised beds, in layers of 3-5cm. The parchment is turned regularly to ensure natural uniform drying in the African Tropical Sun.

When moisture levels reach 10.5-11%, it is removed from drying tables and placed in conditioning bins, where it is regularly turned to continue uniform drying.

The coffee is then dry milled before export.

Region: Karugiro, Murang County Kenya
Farmers: Around 900 smallholder farmers are part of the cooperative.
Cultivar: 100% Arabica SL28
Altitude grown: 1600-1700 meters above sea level (masl).
Processing: Washed: > 12 hrs pre and post fermentation. Final drying on raised african beds.
Harvest: 2016/7
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Sweet citrus (lemon & limes) – see what you can find. Medium bodied
Roast used: Medium charge, decreasing ramp rate after turn, then an increase in ramp rate during development phase.
Our brews:
Brew Method Ratio   Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.25 AeroPress 16g:200g
Plunger 48g:800g Pour over/filter 18g:300g
Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


fruit, sweet


4 ★ African






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