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Our coffee subscription service offers a wide range of options, including budget blends, specialty blends, and single origin coffees. You can customize the delivery frequency and choose one or multiple coffees. Payment options include monthly, quarterly or yearly. Delivery is included, with a small levy for other parts of South Africa.

Our service is designed for convenience, ensuring you never run out of coffee again. Contract free. Increase, decrease or change the subscription at will. Each subscription includes a discount on all the coffees supplied.

The payment you will be prompted on ordering here, will be the first instalment of the subscription. We will contact you for the next instalments. Termination via email at any time.

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Our coffee beans subscription service, we offer a flexible and customizable service that can be tailored to your preferences.

Coffee Range

The subscription range of coffees offered is:

  • Specialty blends: featuring blends of single origin coffee with at least 4-star complexity. (excluding limited edition coffees). See the list here: Specialty-blends.
  • Specialty Single Origin: offering only single origin coffees that are specialty quality. View the current list here: Specialty-single-origins.
  • Latin-America-specialty-only: a range of specialty single origins from Latin America (excluding limited edition coffees). A current list is here: Latin-America-specialty.
  • African-Specialty-only: an assortment of specialty grade single origin coffees from Africa (excluding limited edition coffees). The current list is here: African-Specialty-only.
  • Budget-blends: blended coffees that are not specialty graded. Coffees that are well suited to automatic coffee machines. Here is the list: Budget-blends.
  • Specific single origin: You choose the coffee you want to get.

Our coffee subscription service offers a wide range of options to choose from including budget blends, specialty blends, and single origin coffees. You’ll be able to find the perfect coffee to suit your taste.

Customizable Delivery

You have the flexibility to choose one coffee or multiple coffees and customize the delivery frequency to your preference. Select between weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries. And change the quantity and the delivery schedule at any time.


Our service is designed for convenience, ensuring that you’ll never have to worry about running out of coffee again. You can simply choose your options, set up your subscription and have your favourite coffee delivered to you regularly.

Payment and Delivery

Choose to pay once a month, quarter or year. Delivery is included in the price, a small levy may apply for deliveries to other parts of South Africa.

As a gift

You can buy our service as a gift, simply let us know how often you want us to deliver and we’ll handle the rest.

Tailored Option?

Do you want an option we are not showing? Contact using the general Coffee Subscription page here….


  • Only coffees roasted at Buitenverwachting roastery are included here.
  • All coffee is seasonal, so the coffee offering will change as coffees run out and are replaced.
  • Prices are inclusive of VAT in South African rand.
  • We reserve the right to adjust prices for coffees that require additional delivery fees, which will be confirmed at the time of order.
  • Delivery is only included for Cape Town. For other areas there will be a minimum courier fee, or we can review the offering you require to include this on an individual basis.
  • For weekly deliveries, there are typically 51 (for weekly) and 25 (for fortnightly) deliveries a year.
  • All limited edition coffees are excluded.
  • Each selected interval, a new coffee is allocated to the selection, but you can request a favourite.
  • Prices are linked to the prices of our coffees.
  • Subject to our standard terms and conditions.


Coffee Range

Specialty-blends, Specialty-single-origins, Latin-American-specialty, African-specialty, Budget-blends


1kg Packet, 275g bag, 2kg Packet, 500g Packet


Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly


Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly


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