Guatemalan La Serenata Organic coffee beans

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We have replaced this coffee with the El Salvador Los Angeles.


The Guatemalan La Serenata Organic coffee is from the Huehuetenango municipality. Malt, berries and roasted almonds are what we found in a medium-bodied coffee.

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Guatemalan La Serenata Organic coffee sourced via Caravela‘s on the ground agents.


As a country in Central America, Guatemala is well-known for its stunning natural scenery, rich cultural heritage, and impressive biodiversity. With 24 official languages, including 22 Mayan languages, and a long history of indigenous cultures, Guatemala is a truly unique and fascinating place. The diversity of the country is linked to the fertile soil that is produced by the frequent volcanic activity in the region.

In addition to its cultural and natural attractions, Guatemala is also known for its Arabica coffees, including traditional varieties like Caturra, Catuai, Typica, and Bourbon, as well as hybrid varieties. These coffees are suitable for all brewing methods and offer a range of flavours. Whether you prefer espresso, filter coffee, or any other type of brew, you can find a delicious Guatemalan coffee to enjoy.

Caravela’s information video about Guatemala

Caravela PECA program

Many things make us appreciate our partnership with Caravela. One of the most significant is their close involvement with producers on the ground. In fact, all of the origins from which Caravela sources coffee have their own PECA program. This program trains and employs people from the local area to handle quality control, enabling local individuals to support one another in improving both quality and production.

About Guatemalan La Serenata Organic coffee

Huehuetenango is a department that is recognised for its diverse culture and traditions, including its strong musical heritage. In fact, the region is home to numerous marimba masters, composers, and poets who have influenced the culture and identity of the country. One of the most significant cultural events in Huehuetenango is “La Serenata Huehueteca,” also known as “La Serenata del Día de los Santos,” which occurs annually on the night of Holy Wednesday. Additionally, music is a vital aspect of the identity of both Huehuetenango and the coffee-growing communities within the department.

The coffee for La Serenata blend is produced by small-scale coffee growers who are members of the Association of Specialty Coffee Producers of Huehuetenango (ASOPCE). These growers use micro mills to process coffee cherries, predominantly Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, and Pache varieties. With the help of the ASOPCE and their strategic alliance with Caravela, these producers have access to technical assistance, quality feedback, and higher premiums that provide economic security and recognition for their efforts.

Coffee details

Huehuetenango, Guatemala.
An association of 8 small-scale coffee growers.
Oak trees, chalum and native trees.
100% Arabica Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Pache.
1,350 – 1,800 masl.
Fully washed, sun dried on raised beds or patios.
GrainPro packed at source.
Medium bodied with malt, roasted almonds and berries.
Roast used:
Intense heat to start, followed by medium heat until first crack, then acceleration and drop at hint second crack. Or in technical terms: strong charge a decreased ramp rate, with a kick at the end.
Roast degree:
Light – using my-tonino.com
Organic Certified (EU/NOP) by IMOcert.

Starting Brews

Brew Method Ratio Brew Method Ratio
Espresso 1:2.1 AeroPress 17.5g:200g
Plunger 48g:800g Pour over/auto drip 17.5g:300g

Transparency Information

Sourced from Caravela
FOB price US$5.20/pound
Cupping score 84
Logistics Cost ZAR 29.5 / kg.
Producer/Organisation Caravela
lot size bought 2 x 69 kg GrainPro bags
Relationship Our relationship with Caravela goes back to 2008.


  • Caravela’s info on Guatemala and the info sheet on La Serenata
  • Chat GPT (for a friendlier re-write).
Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


fruit, nut, sweet

Coffee region



4 ★ Single




Caravela, Guatemala


La Serenata, Organic


1kg Packet, 250g Box, 275g bag, 500g Packet, 750g Packet

1 review for Guatemalan La Serenata Organic coffee beans

  1. Terrance (verified owner)

    Tried this as my first ‘proper’ pour-over coffee, and was absolutely blown away. It’s a bean with a wonderful array of flavours that will work excellently with a Hario V60 or Aeropress.

    • Warren Machanik

      Thanks for taking the time to review, chuffed you liked it. We unfortunately do not have any left. We decided to replace it with an El Salvador – Los Angeles and we love it in the V60.

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