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Jura Range and Recommendations

Jura Coffee Machines

The Jura Impressa, Professional, Giga, Ena and A range is comprehensive, and most of the Jura range is available in South Africa, even though some of the numbers are different from other parts of the world. As an example the Jura Range is called the Capressa range in the USA. As an official agent of the Jura range we recommend only a small handful of the models. In fact our core models we recommend are the A1, Impressa E6, F9, WE8 and the Z6.

The rest we have found other clients like, so we have put a summary together of coffee machines in the Jura range.

At the bottom of this page we have listed some reasons why we prefer not to recommend the other models in the Impressa and Ena range.

If you would prefer a hands on demo, we do offer demonstrations at your office or home in Cape Town. To set one up please visit the contact us page or give us a call and we can come to you.

Below is a list where we recommend each model fits best.

Our recommendations

Over the past half-decade we have also found that certain model suit different requirements and hence have our own recommendations based on used of the machine.

Domestic Machines

Domestic / Small Office

Tank and bean hopper, provide enough water and beans for daily domestic consumption, the Ena 9 is for those that love milk in their coffee. For the more demanding domestic user, or the office with less than 10 people, these machines offer a larger tank, and slightly better extraction. The E6 is the recommended domestic machine. The WE6 allows for offices that have limited access to the kitchen
Jura A1 (our choice) Jura Ena9 Jura Impressa E6 Jura Impressa WE6 Jura Impressa F9

Office / Division

Executive home / office

Front Office One Touch

The WE6 gives flexibility, easy of use and suits an office of about 40. The F9 adds the option of a single touch milk addition. The WE8 increases that option to have a larger tank and grinds store and copes with about 60 people per machine. The Z6 adds good looks and easy of use to the mix, making it perfect in an excutive home or office. For the up market front office the XJ9 or even two of them
Jura WE6 Jura F9 (recommended) Jura WE8 Jura Z6 our choice Jura XJ9

How to choose?

Wow what a range, and yes there is one to fit everyone's requirements, but how do you decide?

Firstly there are three essential types of Juras:

  • Coffee only: add beans and water to the machine, it grinds them fresh and prepares a fresh brew
  • Coffee + Frother: A coffee only maker with a standalone frother and make coffee, and
  • One Touch: Those that make milk varieties with One Touch (OT).

The second thing to consider is tank position and size. A tank on the side is required for a machine that is going to be under a counter. We have therefore created this this quick table so you can easily see these 3 important items.

Model Tank Position Tank Size Model Tank Position Tank Size
Coffee Only Coffee + One Touch option
A1 back 1.1 ltrs Ena Micro 9 back 1.1 ltrs
Jura WE6 left side 3 ltrs Jura E8/F9 left side 1.9 ltrs
Coffee + separate Frother Jura WE8 left side 3 ltrs
Impressa E6 left side 1.9ltrs Impressa Z6 left side 2.8 ltrs
Impressa XF50 3 ltrs Impressa XS9 5.7 ltrs
  Impressa XJ9 4 ltrs

Super Automatic of choice

At Quaffee we considered the convenience of coffee machines, and found that the Jura automatic machines are our choice for value for money, reliability and good quality brew. We at Quaffee are proud to be an authorised dealer of the Jura Impressa and Ena range.

Look out for the Juras. We have seen these fine machines on up market TV programs, and movies. We have seen Jura's in Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, in F1 team garages. Perhaps you will spot one. If so give us a heads up and contact us, we will add the programs here.

Quaffee Jura authorised dealer authorized agent

Fine Coffees & Great Coffee Machines

We only source quality coffees and to go with that we are authorized agents of the world's finest super automatic coffee maker (in our and many others opinion): The Jura Impressa range. We are happy to back our belief up. Contact Us and ask us how.

  • Read below to see a summary of the Range offering. These are the machines that we think stand out in the extensive range.
  • See the features that every Jura come with
  • We a kilogram of beans and free training, delivery and setup (in Cape Town and Johannesburg, free delivery throughout our sunny land South Africa)

Standard Quality Features

Every Jura has essential features to make sure that they consistently produce a superb cup of coffee; here is a list of these standard features:

Some additional standard features:
  • programmable auto off
  • bean hatch aroma preservation cover
  • high performance 15 bar pump
  • water hardness adjustment
  • automatic maintenance monitoring systems
  • brewing temperature selection
  • brew strength adjustment
  • 1 year or 5000 cup warrantee (10,000 cup on Xs9)
  • free standing - all you need is power
  • energy saving
  • instant brew after frothing
  • Stainless Steel Plumbing
  • For all but the Ena's:
    • Cup count, extensive on F, W, E, J, X, Z and Giga series
    • LED Display for easier use, Ena range
    • TFT Display for Impressa and Giga range
    • select OZ/ML and AM/24H

Summary of Jura Range

Feature set summary table of the Jura bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine models that we have the most demand for.

Jura Coffee Machine










Connector System no Jura Ena9 has connector system Jura E6 has Easy connector system       Jura XS90/95 has Easy connector system    
Fine Auto Cappuccino Frother only frothed milk n/a internal Jura E6 has fine frother   Jura E*/F9 has fine frother        
Professional Cappuccino Frother does both hot milk and froth n/a internal   n/a     Jura XS90 can froth milk and make it hot Jura Z6 can froth milk and make it hot Jura Giga XJ9 can froth milk and make it hot
One Touch Cappuccino n/a Jura Ena9 can make one touch cappuccinos semi   Jura E8/F9 OT can make one touch cappuccinos Jura WE8 can make one touch cappuccinos Jura XS90/95 OT can make one touch cappuccinos Jura Z6 OT can make one touch cappuccinos Jura XJ9 can make one touch cappuccinos
Brewing Strengths 2 5 10 12
Water Tank (Litres) 1.1 1.9 3 1.9 3 5.7 2.8 4
Bean Hopper (grams) 110 200 500 280 500 280 500
Cup Illumination     Jura E6 has cup illumination   Jura F9 has cup illumination Jura WE8 Jura XS90/95OTC has cup illumination Jura Z6 has cup illumination Jura XJ9 has cup illumination
Active Bean Monitoring pre-notify you that beans are running low             Jura XS90/905OTC has active bean monitoring Jura Z6 has active bean monitoring Jura XJ9 has active bean monitoring
Has storage section   Jura F9 has storage area       Jura XJ9 has storage area
Thermo Blocks 1 2 1
Grinds Bin (portions) 10 16 25 16 25 40 20 40
Programmable Functions 6 6 5+3/4+2 8 4+2 8+4 11 16 20
Vacuum Milk Container optional optional 0.6ltr optional
Hot Water Dispensed from n/a connector frother hot spout
Froth after brew (delay before system at correct heat) < 10sec immediate immediate < 10sec
Cups between service 10,000
Cups between clean 200 220
Other features small foot print Auto rinse on start on/off has daily program TFT screen; height and width adjustable spout
TFT screen 154mm spout ht, optional large bean hopper, plumable 154mm spout height

The other models available

The other Jura machines not listed above, but are available from us are as follows:

Coffee Machine Is Like Difference
Ena3 Ena 3 The Ena 3 has been discontinued in South Africa, it has been replaced by the A1 is still available at the moment.
C5 Impressa F50 The C5 has the same basic components as the Impressa F50, but relies on old fashioned LED lights to display error as status messages. The F50 has been replaced by the E6
Ena5/7 Ena Micro The Ena Micro range, which replaced the 5/7 availabie now in South Africa
F70 Impressa F50 Basically was same as the old F50 but had a touch screen and stores three different cup counts. No longer available.
F90 Impressa F70 Like an F70 with programmable buttons, it is no longer available.
F9 Impressa F90 The bling version of the F90, for the kitchen that is made to order. No longer available.
S9 OTC Impressa XS90/95 OTC This machine is slightly less than the XS90 and has less capacity so we no longer recommend this, unless you like the look.
XS90/ 95 Impressa XS90/95 OTC Like the S9, XS90/95 these machines are now one touch cappuccino machines, so we do not recommend the standard version since this is normally old stock
J5/9 J9 The Jura Impressa J-9 has replaced the J5 and J7
Z5/7 Z6 The older version of the Z6 which could do two cappuccinos.
X9 Giga X-7 This model is just about to be replaced in South Africa by the Giga.

Guarantee or Warrantee

All Juras come with a 5,000 cup or one year warrantee, except the X9 and Giga X7 which come with a 10,000 cup 1 year warrantee.

We do facilitate the servicing the machines and normally recommend that the old non-X series machines are serviced about once every 10,000 cups. Following that as a guideline we have machines that last decades.

Servicing and Maintenance

The machines all come with an internal system that checks the number of cups made (this can be viewed on all besides the A1), and for the OTC machine the number of milk specialities made, and will automatically ask to be cleaned, and with a little human intervention do most of the maintenance themselves. We do offer a full service option, which includes the cost of facilitating a service. However we have found most clients are content to follow the simple instructions in maintaining their machines.

Jura Coffee Machine Pricing

Jura Ena Range Pricing

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch14,695.00

Jura Impressa Range Pricing

JURA Impressa E-614,695.00
JURA Impressa E-817,442.00
JURA Impressa F918,578.00
Jura Impressa WE820,858.00
JURA Impressa XJ 9 Professional EU GII38,532.00
JURA Impressa XS 9 OT (Black)27,360.00
JURA Impressa Z632,490.00

Cleaning, Maintenance and Accessories

If you want to add add accessories, or purchase cleanign and maintenance product then click here: Maintenance and Cleaning Products

Most Popular models in Jura range
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