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Essentially replaced since Jura F7 is a better choice.

Jura Impressa C9O Coffee Maker

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Perfect for a small business, divisional office or for a domestic user that is an above average consumer coffee, espresso, lattes and cappuccinos.
a small office that wants the convenience of choice of serving any coffee speciality you want?

The Jura Impressa C9O OTC or OT is offers a compact choice, with little compromise on quality of volume restrictions The C Line is known for being practical, the C90 follows this philosophy. It has simple text display and is easy on the eyes making it the perfect addition to any home OR small office. Swiss made excellence for exceptional quality.

A perfect match for our fine fresh pure Arabica coffee beans Contact us and we will come to you

Jura Impress C 9 OTC
Features at a Glance
  • 1.9 litre tank
  • 200g bean hopper
  • 16 portion grinds container
  • One Touch Cappuccino
  • Plain text display
  • ESM© (Energy Save Mode)
  • Jura's I.P.B.A.S.©
  • 6 programmable functions
One Touch Cappuccino Simple Operation Height-adjustable Coffee Spout Vacuum Milk Container
Jura C9 One Touch Cappuccino Jura C9 Simple Operation Jura C9 Hight-adjustable sprout Stainless Steel Milk Container
The IMPRESSA C90 can produce a Cappuccino at the press of one button and without moving the cup. A display helps in the operations of the machine and the Rotary Switch make operation of the IMPRESSA C90 clear and simple. The coffee spout height can be conveniently varied between 65 and 111 mm to suit a variety of espresso and coffee cups. The optional 0.4 litre stainless steel vacuum milk container allows you to have milk easily accessible for anytime cappuccino.
Further Info
Jura C90 Quick Reference guide A reference to the most common features. Jura Impressa C90 Instruction Manual  Lost your Jura C90 manual, or want a sneak peak here you go. C90 Technical Details  Technical Data on the Jura Impressa C90. Jura Impressa C90 FAQ & Tips  Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for the Jura Impressa C90. Jura Impressa C90 Accessories Accessorize, or bling your Jura C90.

Pricing Details

Jura Impressa C90 Pricing

E & O E

Jura Impress two cup espresso machine made is swiss made
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