Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2023 − Show, sorry, Burundi

Below is the Quaffee Newsletter Oct 2023. It is a 3-minute read.


Three things we will cover in the short newsletter:

  • Specialty Coffee Expo CT
  • Apologies for spoof emails
  • New Burundi
specialty coffee expo

Specialty Coffee Expo CT

For the first time the specialty Coffee Expo is coming to Cape Town, and we are going to be there. It runs Oct 27-29. We will be part of the roasters village and be on the Brazilian Specialty stand too.

We will be selling espresso-based coffee, batch brew, and our coffee beans. On the Brazilian stand we are being hosted by Marunic who we source our Brazilian Specialty from. We will be roasting on the little Behmor 2020SR, there. You can buy roasted and green beans there.

Read all about the Specialty Coffee Expo here… Or purchase tickets here…


We had a hack this week, and emails were sent out asking people to open a file. This was not from us, and we are sorry if you received this email. We take security seriously and this has been a very unfortunate event. Please note we have also note changed our bank account details, so if you get any email saying we have, please ignore.

New Burundi

We have offered several great Burundi’s over the years. We were hoping to get the latest Mogoti Burundi’s, but shipment delays and other issues, have meant we can wish to have those coffee only in December. In the meantime, we are offering a new single lot Burundi we were offered from Ruvubu. Who is a company based in Burundi and Cape Town. They bring in lots of different qualities from their co-operative in Burundi, and we tasted a number and selected the Lot 11171 from Kavugangoma. While it is very tasty, it is quite different for a Burundi natural and so we thought we would offer it to our fellow coffee lovers.

Read all about Ruvubu, and the Kavugangoma Lot 11171 here…


Thanks once again to all those that support us. We have been running mainly on the passion of sharing great coffees for years, so appreciate all those that support us.

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