Behmor Coffee Roaster 2020SR Plus

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Shipment expected Mid July 2024.

The Behmor coffee roaster allows preprogrammed or manually controlled roast parameters. Roast 100-450gram of green coffee. The Behmor Coffee Bean Roaster employs patent-pending smoke suppression technology for roasting, which means you can use it safely inside. Includes 500g green coffee beans.

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The Behmor Coffee Roaster 2020 SR Plus a designed for domestic use.

Available in South Africa

We first came across the Behmor is 2010. We were looking to upgrade our I-Roast, we use for sample roasting. Not only that, but we wanted a roaster that could roast more than 150g, and the Behmor seemed to be a popular choice.

As we needed a 230V model, we were redirected to Australia. We dabble with the idea of bring them in, but with our pending move to Buitenverwachting, and a few other things. We put this on hold. In 2021, we were able to work with Rancilio South African in bringing in the product. Rancilio South Africa’s expertise has ensured we jump over all the necessary hurdles and the shipment arrived end Aug 2021.

Behmor Coffee Roaster 2020 SR Plus

The Behmor coffee roaster 2020SR plus is the 220/230/240V version of the 2020 AB version available in the US.

Coffee Roaster Features:

  • Roast from 100g to 450 grams of green coffee beans per roast
  • Multi-speed motor for better roast control- 16 and 32 RPM
  • Powerful MCU (Micro Controller) cuts data refresh time by 50%
  • Universal Power and Control Boards
  • 5 pre-programmed roast settings (still needs a person there to roast)
  • Patented smoke suppression technology for indoor roasting
  • Manual roasting override ability of key settings
  • On Board Audible Beep Advisory (unattended safety cut-off and :15 remaining warning)
  • Cooling cycle, after which the coffee is cool to the touch
  • Thermostatically Controlled Quartz Roasting Elements
  • Interior light for visual monitoring during roasting
  • Adjustable, On-the-Fly Time Controls
  • Removable roasting drum with internal braces for full bean turbulence
  • Removable chaff tray for easy cleaning (doubles as a cleaning tray)
  • Automatic System Diagnostics
  • RoHS Compliant- reduced hazardous substances
  • Easy to clean interior
  • 1-year warranty
  • Power: 1630W
  • Certified : CETL, CE, GCC, SAA

What we like

Having played with this and other roasters, there are a number of pluses for this roaster.

  • Once you get used to the controls, it is intuitive and easy to understand.
  • After the first 2 roasts, we had learnt enough to get what we want out of the roaster.
  • Almost no smoke when roasting. But you can still smell the progress of your roast from grass, to yeast and beer and coffee.
  • Silent enough for you to clearly hear first crack, super helpful in getting what you want from the roast.
  • Performs well with 100g and can do a 250g light roast with accuracy. 450g more suited to medium and darker roasts.
  • Light really helps with assisting the roast.
  • Easy to move, and stow away.
  • Exhaust and environmental temperature can be had at a press of a button.
  • The manual is clear and understandable. A must-read.

Not so keen on

In all, we love the coffee roaster, but these items we are not so keen on:

  • Cooling is long, a few people online have complained about this, and suggest opening the door after 2 mins of cooling. You need to factor this in to the final roast you want.
  • Wish the window was a little bigger.
  • Wish there was a way to connect to Artisan or something similar, perhaps a USB connector in a new version would be a real plus.
  • Needs a proper clean after each roast. Manual says proper maintenance after 5 roasts.
  • Be gentle with the barrel.

Unboxing video of Behmor Roaster

Have a look at our unboxing video, first roast coming soon.

Extract from Quaffee Training

An extract of the Quaffee Training video on the  Behmor home coffee roastery


Video of a Roast

We live-streamed a video and saved it, view it here:

From the horses mouth

Jowe Behm talks about his approach to roasting:


More reading on the Behmor Roaster

Roast Log we use for Behmor Roaster

Here is a blank sample sheet of what we use when roasting with the Behmor Roaster. Download by clicking: Roasting Log Blank.






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