Videos on coffee processing

We found these some videos explaining the most common ways of processing coffee that Cafe Imports Published. We have added them below, and included ones from Has Bean and a bonus one from our trip to Ethiopia

The first three are related to how much of the cherry fruit is removed:

  1. Natural – here no fruit is removed, and the coffee cherry is sun-dried Drying takes a little longer, but if done well makes sweet and fruity coffees.
  2. Honey/Pulpnatural – some of the fruit is removed, and then the coffee is dried. This speeds up the process of drying and can produce sweet and complex coffees.
  3. Washed/Fully Washed/Wet – here the fruit is removed up to the seed. Then the coffee is left (usually underwater) until the fruit that did not get removed detaches from the seed (in parchment layer). Then the coffee is dried. This produces cleaner tasting coffees. We have added our video too.

The last video is on Wet Hulling, which is mainly used in Indonesia and is linked to spicy flavours in the coffee.

Natural Process

All the coffee cherry used until mulling.

Cafe Imports Video

Has Bean’s video

Honey/Pulp natural Process

Outer layer removed (varies per type) result used until mulling.

Café Imports Video

Has Bean’s video

Washed / Fully Washed / Wet

The washed process with dry fermentation:

Café Imports Video

Has Bean’s video

Our video from when we went to Ethiopia. Here they use washing channels and underwater or wet fermentation.

Wet Hulled

Can also be called  Giling Basah processing.

Café Imports

Sweet Maria’s

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