We participate in Kickstarter and similar programs, when we believe the product shows promise. The Fellow Prismo for AeroPress® showed early promise. An adapter that would produce an espresso-style extraction with an AeroPress.

Of the Kickstarter we have participated, this has been one of the bigger successes (we have been disappointed with a few), and we were excited to see that the product had made it to South Africa, with proper representation.

What is the Fellow Prismo?

It is an adapter that replaces the standard AeroPress filter cap, with a cap that allows for a controlled pressure release, without affecting the manner in which you normally brew coffee in your AeroPress®.

To quote the fellow web site: “Prismo is a pressure actuated valve designed to be used with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker. This attachment allows for a buildup of pressure to create espresso-style coffee and creates a no drip seal for a full immersion brew. The reusable 70 micron etched filter stops sludge in its tracks and eliminates the need for paper filters.  The valve’s small aperture also fits directly over an espresso shot glass.”

The FAB:

The Features, Advantages and Benefits of the Fellow Prismo are:

  • Compatible with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker.
  • Made from Polypropylene (Body) and Silicone (Valve).
  • It uses a reusable 70 micron etched fine stainless steel filter (no more paper filters required).
  • The gasket is an integrated gasket preventing your brew from leaking over the sides.
  • Size: 69,85mm diameter, 25.4 tall
  • Can be used for espresso-style coffee, full immersion, Americano, cold brew, hot tea, iced tea, and more!

Want to see with it is called “espresso-style”? Check out fellows explanation here…

Note: AeroPress® Coffee Maker not included

What we like

For the shorter extractions this a a great addition to your AeroPress® brew experience. As Mzukisi (our master roaster at Buiten) says: “I like it too much, I can find no fault, I can highly recommend this way of making coffee”. We found using the same grind and method, as we normally do with the AeroPress®, worked wonders.

In summary:

  • It fits well over most vessels, even those that normally the AeroPress code not fit over.
  • Uses a metal filter that actually works better than the paper filters.
  • No dripping if the used in classic mode.
  • Easy to use (change nothing but the adapter).
  • Fellow products are sexy.

What we do not like

Well actually it is not us, but one of out regulars said he prefered the normal way of making AeroPress. So it means that there are those that prefer the classic AeroPress over this.

Fellow Prismo video

Fellow are excellent at marketing their products, here is their video:

Filter type

stainless steel




AeroPress, Fellow




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