Quaffee Newsletter Aug 2023 – Sacred space, Migoti visit and Eversys 


A few updates that are newsworthy for all supporters of Quaffee: 

  • Introducing Nicole 
  • Sacred Space | Quaffee – a first
  • We had a visit from Migoti 
  • Eversys Legacy 

Should take around 3 minutes to read. 


We have a new person dedicated to sales and training. Nicole has been in the coffee industry for over a decade and is passionate about spreading the word about decent coffee. Besides doing sales, she will offer Barista training and run our new trail space (see below). 

If you want Nicole to do onsite training or any sales-related queries you can contact her via nicole@quaffee.co.za 

Nicole attended creative coffee week as our representative. Read her feedback from the event here… 

Sacred Space | Quaffee 

For over 16 years, all we have done is source and roast great coffee. We have always left the brewing of the coffee up to our supporters. With Nicole joining us, she had a vision to have a little space where people could enjoy our coffees. Nicole loves engaging with coffee lovers. She has set up a space for people to enjoy our coffees in a co-working space. 

In Nicole’s words “Sacred Space is here to provide humans with productivity juice and also for you to have some sacred and meaningful conversations.” 

If you are in the CBD in Cape Town pop in 22Fifty is at 32 Jamieson Street Cape Town, at the security gate, press the “coffee” button. Someone will come to let you in. 

You can view Sacred Space’s Instagram using @sacredspace.coffee.

We have also set Sacred Space | Quaffee up as a collection point for any orders.

Migoti visit

We first offered coffee from Migoti in 2019. While we currently have none of their coffees on offer, it was great to have a visit from Dan. He bought us some mixed lots of pre-crop samples. We roasted them and tasted them and hope to have some by mid-November. 

Dan shared an update on how Migoti is doing, and you can read a summary of this update on our website under the title Migoti Coffee update 2023 — Coffee Season and Future Plans

Eversys Legacy coffee machine X500-web

Eversys Offerings

While we have always been a fan of the Jura products, we are excited to announce we will be working with Eversys products.The next level of a fully automated machine is the Eversys range1. They engineered these machines around brew quality and consistency. They are built to last and work in high-volume environments. To put these machines in perspective the Jura machines can handle a maximum of 150 cups a day. The Eversys machines typically can do 150 coffees an hour.  

All maintenance and cleaning are automatic too, and the machines keep a full log of everything produced and consumed. The coffee these machines produce is comparable (and often better) than a good Barista and a good coffee machine. Every shot it produces it applies the configured recipe. When replacing a traditional espresso machine setup with a new one, the wastage of milk and coffee drops by 20-30%. 

In the tests we have done the Eversys coffee machines, produce coffee beverages that are calibrated quickly and are impressive to enjoy.  

Recently they released their entry-level coffee machine which is named the Legacy. Read about this product here… We are also offering the Eversys on rental contracts that include maintenance and there is an option to include coffee too. If you have an office with 150 people or more this is the solution to consider. 

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