Eversys Legacy Professional super automatic coffee machine.

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Eversys’s entry level machine that builds on the legacy of their established professional automatic coffee machines.

All machines are designed to order, and require up-front commitments for them to be installed.

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The Eversys Legacy coffee machine, takes all the knowledge from the current range and includes it in a single package

Who is Eversys

Eversys Legacy

Imagine a machine that is inspired by DNA and delivered in a compact package. Designed to revolutionize the coffee industry by providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers, this machine is Eversys’s passion. The goal was to create a machine that will change the way people enjoy coffee, and we are excited about its future.

Welcome to the creation of a new product called the Légacy! A compact machine that helps businesses with less space offer a great coffee experience to their customers.

Things we love

We love the Eversys products. We have grown accustomed to the confidence of a consistent cup. Additionally, their range is one of the few that can produce great coffee from specialty roasts, and we have always been impressed. Now, all of this comes in a smaller, more compact (and good-looking) package. The magic of their modular design does not get sacrificed on the way. The machine looks great too. For any medium to large company, this is a solution that combines function with form. You only need to set it up; no skill is required. No matter the coffee quality or roast profile, the machine can perform its best over and over again.

If you love great coffee and want no hassle in getting it done, this product was custom-made for you.


Below is the Eversys video on the Legacy:


  • IBS: The heart of every Eversys is the Intelligent Brewing System (IBS). Each machine automatically learns from each coffee brewed to make sure it adheres to the brewing parameters programmed. Taking into account grind size, water temperature, tamping weight and brewing time, it produces a consistent cup throughout the day.
  • Grinders: From 1 to 4 Grinders. You can choose from four different types of beans. This feature allows you to produce coffee with different flavours and aromas, giving you more options to choose from.
  • Milk unit: Introduce a configurable amount of air in a single step to froth milk and achieve the desired texture.
  • Powder unit:Replace a grinder with a powder unit. With this unit, you can have hot chocolate and chai options.
  • Modular: Eversys modularity is built into each separate function module.
  • Outlet: a Tea/hot water outlet to the left with the coffee outlet on the right
  • E-connect: Like all Eversys machines, the e-connect system allows live tracking and processing from anywhere in the connected world.
  • Capacity: 175 espressos per hour or 120 hot water products per hour.
  • e’Levelling: The Legacy automatically ensures it is level.
  • Auto cleaning: Legacy includes Eversys’s automatic cleaning. Cleaning is essential and requires no human intervention.


You can download the specifications here…

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View more details on the Eversys site: Eversys Legacy


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L'2ms – 1 grinder, L'2ms – 2 grinders & choco, L'2ms – 3 grinders & choco, L'2ms – 4 grinders


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