Burundian Nkonye sourced from Long Miles Coffee Project via Specialty Coffee Exchange.


Burundi, like its neighbour to North Rwanda, sits in the Goldilocks Zone for growing coffee. Temperatures, Soils and Altitude all are ideal, for producing great coffee. As a result, coffee is a major export.

The country has suffered under war and various regimes and this is still the case today. The current unrest has its roots in a 2015 (read more here: Burundian unrest (2015–present)). It means that the logistics of getting coffees from this country can be a challenge.

Long Miles Coffee Project

Quaffee started working with the Long Miles Coffee Project in 2013. Ben and his wife Kristy fell in love with the country and uprooted the family with a vision. We met Ben in 2012 on a customer’s couch, and the relationship started then. From his first crop in 2013, which we were able to secure, through the troubles in 2015 (we missed a year here) and the current challenges. Ben and his family have set up two processing stations that work with the locals to process the coffees using quality as a focus.

Local farmers benefit financially from this direct involvement, both because of higher premiums paid, and also thanks to the agronomic assistance the project provides to growers. A result of this has been an increase in production and quality.

As part of our involvement with The Vineyard Hotel, we are always keen to secure a lot from each crop from LMCP for their coffee in-house. We flew Ben and Kristy out to chat about their experience in 2016. You can watch that talk on YouTube:

You can read a far more romantically worded story about LMCP here: http://www.longmilescoffeeproject.com/story/…

Burundian Nkonye

This Nkonye is our 2017/2018 crop and fifth shipment from LMCP. The coffee is a base of the Vineyard Espresso Blend, but is easily standard on its own.

Region: Kayanza province, Burundi.
Hill: Nkonye Hill, Heza washing station.
Farmers: Two selected lots from 1,392 farmers, 167 270 from trees.
Harvest: 2017/18
Altitude: 1941-2127 masl
Cultivar: Arabica Bourbon
Processing Coffee is de-pulped and fully washed, sun dried on rasied patios
Packaging Grain Pro with Hessian
Characteristics Berries, and sweet fruit with a sugary finish
Roast Medium charge with full flame until after browning, where upon flame is steadily decreased until first crack. Where it is left until drop after around 1 minute
Our brews
Loved it in:
AeroPress (16g:200g), Espresso (Ratio 1:2.5), Filter, Plunger and Pour over (1:16), automatic machines.
Coffee category

2. Medium bodied


fruit, sweet

Coffee region



4 ★ African


Vineyard Hotel


Burundi, LMCP, Quaffee




1kg Packet, 250g Box, 500g Packet


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