2 coffees we are getting

We got some samples from Cafe Imports and after roasting them and cupping them we are looking at importing 2 of them.

Peru Cenfrocafe

Cafe Imports Info sheet – here.

The first we are looking to get is a Peru Organic Fair Trade coffee. It is a good coffee and we enjoyed it, but more as a proper brew, than as a cupped coffee. There was nothing wrong with it, it was just not a stand out. The result of the tasting is below in a spider graph:

Indonesian / Sulawesi Tana Toraja

Cafe Imports Info sheet – here.

We struggle to get remarkable Indonesians, and normally have to settle for the common-all-garden Mandheling, which while not terrible does not stand out in the crowd. We were told this was  great coffee, and even with that hype we were surprised how good it was, sporning an impromtu gather and tasting session, with anyone we could gather at the time.

Our tasting graph:

A great Indonesian at long last

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