Quaffee Newsletter December 2017

A newsletter before 2017 closes its curtains.

In reflection

With less than 27 days left of 2017, we at Quaffee (like most of us) like to reflect on the year that was. For us this has been a year that made us appreciate how many different preferences there are around for coffee, the recipe to which it is brewed, and the way it is enjoyed.

We have increased our offering both in price range and coffee style, from a classic (or old school) darker roast commercial coffee (that has sold well, despite not being our particular penchant) to more and more complex coffees, that exhibit distinct characteristics, especially for those that enjoy fine-tuning their coffee.

Our major focus this year has been the general consumer that really loves their coffee, their way. And this has helped remind us why we do what we do. Because we really love coffee, tasting coffee, drinking coffee and interacting with likeminded (and some not so likeminded) coffee lovers.

We were fortunate enough to be given extra space at Buitenverwachting to now offer coffee tastings. We now have a good idea what works for us. Small groups of 2,3 or 4 people that are interested in coffee, especially good coffee (read more here…). We will continue to expand this offering in 2018, but are limiting the days we will offer it. This is mainly because the prep time is almost an hour, and the tidy up time around the same. ­

Prices vs Value

Looking Ahead

While this year we offered more budget based coffee, next year we are again going to explore more limited-edition coffees. While these coffees have a history of selling poorly in the South African market, we are looking for coffees that offer a next level coffee experience, with only a marginal price difference.

Speaking of price, some of the feedback we have received this year is our specialty grade coffee is too cheap. Price points we offer them at, make people perceive that they are not as impressive as we think that are. Perception is always a funny monster to tame. I have personally always felt it unfair that bulk purchase wins over quality purchase.

We will be putting together a questionnaire about this in the new year.

Jaimie Casallas

For those that follow us on social media, this will be old news. But a very popular microlot we offered in 2014 – we finally have back. Only 60kgs in total is available but we know that typically takes 3-4 months to move. Read more here….

Closing Dates

This year we are closing for the Christmas period. Our last deliveries will be on the Thursday 21 December 2017, and first delivery will be Wednesday 3 Jan 2018.

We will also be closing the Vineyard roastery. Its last day is also the 21st December and we reopen 3 Jan 2018.

Change of coffee roaster at Vineyard

Sinovuyo, who has been delivering our Quaffee for over 5 years, is going to be taking over roasting duties at the Vineyard Hotel from January 8. For those of you that have popped in recently you would have probably seen him roasting, under the watchful eye of Geoff.

Geoff, who was the man roasting the coffee at the Vineyard, has decided to try his hand at teaching English in Taiwan. We wish him well with this opportunity, and welcome Sino. We are already enjoying coffees from his roasting at the Vineyard.

No fire

No fire sale

As we are sure you are aware, we are passionate about our coffees being fresh (not the old school, since part of the old school approach was to age coffee). We will not offer a coffee after 6 days from leaving the roaster. This leaves us with an issue, with coffees that may be unsold on the 21st December.

So, on the 22nd December we will open our doors at Buitenverwachting and offer all coffees that are left at half price. Once they are sold we will close the doors for the year.

We are calling this the “No-fire” sale – since no roasting will happen from the morning of the 21st December until the morning of the 2nd Jan.

Please note this will be a first come first serve sale, and no reservations of stock will be considered.

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