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The Curious Tale Of Frog Quaffer And His Quest For The Finest Cup Of Coffee

Lilly Pad Pondering

As far back as Frog Quaffer could remember, he was different. Especially when it came to quaffing coffee. Other frogs, and in fact many other non-frogs, were perfectly happy to drink whatever coffee they happened upon (even that dehydrated distant relation instant). Frog Quaffer realised from an early age that he enjoyed only fine coffee, and he would rather quaff none if he was not certain of its quality.

Frog pondering on lily pad

One day Frog Quaffer was floating down the river on a lily pad, thinking quietly to himself. He came upon a gentleman who was sitting near a campfire. On the campfire sat a mocha coffee pot on it.

Intrigued Frog Quaffer said “Greetings”.
“Greetings” the gentlemen replied, adding “How are you doing?”
“I am doing fine - and yourself?” asked Frog Quaffer
“I too am fine” the gentlemen said, and continued “I have a freshly-brewed pot of coffee, would you like an espresso?”
“Normally I would decline, but I am indeed in a quaffing mood” said Frog Quaffer

This was very unusual for Frog Quaffer. As we know, he was a Frog who preferred a high quality coffee or nothing at all, however, unbeknownst to the generous gentlemen Frog Quaffer had been thinking to himself “The fact that he has a mocha pot may be sign of someone who like me enjoys a good cup of coffee”. This was a fortunate pondering since the gentleman's espresso pot and peaceful mood would direct Frog Quaffer down an unexpected path.

All this considered he hopped off his lily pad and took a seat by the fire. Once seated and the gentleman poured him a fresh espresso. Although still curious Frog Quaffer slowly tasted his espresso - quaffing could only occur after he had ascertained its quality - and he was filled with wonderment and joy from the first sip.

Man with Mocha Espresso Pot

“Wow!” Frog Quaffer exclaimed, “I have never had a more quaffable coffee! It is smooth and has no bitter aftertaste!”
Frog Quaffer turned to the gentleman, saying “I have always enjoyed my coffee. I even have a mocha pot and a grinder at home that I use to make fresh coffee. I have learnt that only fresh ground coffee is worth drinking, but, that said, my coffee at home has none of the delicacy or aroma of this cup. How can that be?”
“The espresso I have just served you is made from pure Arabica beans” said the gentleman, “Arabica are the best beans to use when making coffee” he continued.
“Arabica! I have spent my years trying all types of coffee, with all types of exotic names, but none quite like this,” said Frog Quaffer.
“The reason probably,” said the sage-like gentleman, “is that the coffees available from most merchants and coffee shops have a filler added. An easier grown distant relative of the Arabica bean called Robusta.”
The gentlemen shook his head sadly before continuing, “Robusta is what gives most coffees the bitter taste, since it is much higher in caffeine. And the more caffeine in the coffee, the more bitter the taste. Arabica bean is the pure coffee taste."
He paused for an instant before continuring "Robusta became popular for many reasons one was availablity of the Arabica bean, one the price and probably more importantly after coffee rust destroyed many of the famous pure Arabica plantations, starting in Java in the late 1800s and more recently the late 1970s in Brazil, the Robusta bean was found more - sounds funny to say it - robust to pests and crop conditions.”

Frog Quaffer was amazed. Since it was great tasting coffee he quaffed his cup, as he always did, and asked for another cup.

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