Briki or ibrik (Greek/Turkish brewer)

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Hammer finished Briki Greek brewer. The classic hourglass shape with a bronze handle. We offer the 2 cup (100ml) and 4 cup models (200ml).

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The Briki is probably one of the oldest methods of making coffee. A simple copper pot in an hourglass shape so that the coffee can gently be brewed to just under boiling. Also called Cezve.

Turkish or Greek?

Depending on where you first meet a Briki or iBrik it is also called a Turkish or Greek brewer. The main difference between the two preparation methods is that the Turkish normally add cardamon or cumin to the brew, giving it, its distinct taste. We (and we are not Greek, or have not watched the Big fat greek wedding movies to much) prefer the greek style of a lighter roasted coffee and a gentle boil.

How to Use a Briki?

The secret with the brewer is that the coffee must be very finely ground, almost like flour. Then adding heat gently will brew a great and enjoyable cup.


  • For 100ml Briki.
  • Measure 7g of your ground coffee (some may find this a little strong then reduce to 5 g).
  • Grind the coffee on the finest setting on your grinder.
  • In the pot (2 cup / 100ml) add 100ml water, the coffee and stir.
  • Place the Briki on to medium flame, and watch (takes 4-6 mins, longer is better).
  • When it looks like it is forming a bubbly then reduce heat. Some people like to reduce and repeat three times, we are normally too eager to taste the brew.
  • Some may recommend scooping the scum on the top, it is also up to you.
  • Take your brewer and slowly pour into you small cup, so that the grinds stay behind.
  • Enjoy


The espresso size cup will be useful, but typically the Greek coffee cup is a little smaller and more delicate. Also since some of the grinds will still be in the coffee make sure you sip slowly. Stop should you get some of the grinds.




2 cup, 4 cup




2 – cup, 4 – cup

1 review for Briki or ibrik (Greek/Turkish brewer)

  1. wernich wilsenach (verified owner)

    bought it because i wanted to try and see how the coffee tastes and it became part of my night time routine when i watch tv before bed (goes well with pear slices and cookies ).

    • Warren Machanik

      It is so special to use it, post you brew receipe.

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